02/09/07 - The Forward feature
"Looking for Love in all the Right Books"
(Download pdf version)

02/08/07 - ANG Newspapers Nationwide
"Hip, Sassy Books Hit on Love, Dating"
(Download pdf version)

02/07/07 - Contra Costa Times feature on "Single Parents Seeking" // (Download pdf)

02/05/07 - Newsday feature
"Dating With Children" (Download pdf version)

01/28/07 - San Francisco Chronicle Blog "These are a Few of My Favorite Things ..." (Download pdf)

Profile in Dayton Jewish News Observer about Rachel Sarah : "Documenting a Journey of Single Motherhood" (Download pdf version)

Profile in Jewish Week about Rachel Sarah: "Single Jewish Mom Seeking" (Download pdf version)

Rachel Sarah Quoted in San Jose Mercury News in "Back in the Game: Rules have Changed, Those Returning to Dating Find" (Download pdf version)

Listen to a LIVE radio interview in NYC with Joan Hamburg WOR 710 HD, to talk about dating as a single mom


"Surely the first book about single parenthood that will be described as "hot", Single Mom Seeking is revolutionary in its honesty about a young mother's ferocious passions -- the maternal, the romantic, and the wholly carnal. Rachel Sarah won't give up any of these for the others, even if it means beginning a date with the prospect of watching her nipple pop out of her nursing daughter's mouth. I loved the unapologetic yet self-aware way she tells her story."

Marion Winik, author of "Lunchbox Chronicles: Notes from the Parenting Underground"

"Rachel Sarah offers a sexy, edgy, honest expose of single parenthood"

Susan Shapiro, author of "Lighting Up" and "Five Men Who Broke My Heart"

"What a ride! Rachel Sarah bravely takes us along on the (sweet, sad, hot, hilarious, awkward, inspiring, giddy-making) ups and downs as a single mom looking for some good lovin'. But along the way we see she's seeking something more than just a good, hard (to find) man -- she's seeking the true happy ending we all deserve -- one of self-love and self-acceptance -- man around or not."

Heidi Raykeil, "Confessions of a Naughty Mommy: How I Found My Lost Libido"

"Reading Single Mom Seeking felt like a great middle-of-the-night phone conversation with a best friend. Rachel Sarah is charming, intelligent, and vulnerable—and we’re rooting for her every step of the way."

Ellen Sussman, author of "On a Night Like This"

Book Reviews

Read the review of Single Mom Seeking by Suzanne LaFetra, an award-winning writer in Northern California
(Download pdf version)

Book Review - Single Mom Seeking Finds Success in Publishing World - Berkeley Daily Planet, 12.29.2006

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