Playdates, Blind Dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World

"Rachel Sarah offers a sexy, edgy, honest exposé of single parenthood."
- Susan Shapiro, author of "Lighting Up" and "Five Men Who Broke My Heart"

Read the book! Single Mom Seeking is a tell-all about how to date and remain a dedicated and involved parent. It’s a spunky, sexy, and moving chronicle of the humor, pitfalls, and rewards of balancing it all — single-mom style.

Rachel Sarah poses for a profile in Oakland Magazine about what it's like to date as a single mom. Photos by Craig Merrill

Check out "Surviving (& Thriving) As a Single Mom" in the October 2007 issue of American Baby "Four common challenges and how you can overcome them." By Rachel Sarah

Read All About It Now! Rachel Sarah interviewed for January article,
"Single with Children - Dating World a Challenge for Single Parents"

Single Mom Seeking live on KRON KRON TV host Henry Tenenbaum said: "Probably the hottest single mom dating book out there."

Breaking News! Rachel Interviewed on ABC
This was my first LIVE TV interview about dating as a single mom!

Rachel Interviewed on CBS
The charming CBS 5 News reporter Joe Vasquez tracked my single mom friends and me down during our weekly "Girls' Night." A new study was just released - about the new surge of unmarried moms - and he wanted to talk to a local single mom. Joe asked me why I thought that single mom births were on the rise. Have we finally stopped shaming single moms? The kicker was when he asked me: "So, are men obsolete?" Listen here for my answer.

Come and read what single moms are seeking...
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Selected Photos of Rachel byJohannah Hetherington and Scott Minard

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