Walking pneumonia

by singlemomseeking on November 6, 2013

in bed

I had pneumonia last month. I guess it’s called “walking pneumonia” because I was still walking around. Barely.

The thing is, I rarely get sick. Which was why — even though I was coughing and exhausted for weeks — I kept going. I thought I’d caught the cough that was going through our family. I thought, I got it worse than everyone. It’ll clear up.

But I wasn’t getting a lot of rest. Our little CJ has teeth coming in, and she been waking up. And up. And up.



The house was a mess. I pushed deadlines back. Chris and I started to argue. But I had no fight in me. I was short of breath. Finally, I went to the doctor, who said I caught it just in time. In time, meaning I didn’t have to go to the hospital.

But I did have to get into bed. And take antibiotics for a week.

I’ve never stayed in bed for a week.

It’s amazing how being sick… can make you feel so vulnerable. I love my friend T’s recent post about vulnerability. I love the fact that my teenager cooked dinner for us.

“I haven’t been very nice to you,” Chris said.

Tell me about it, I thought. But I didn’t say it.

For the next week, he took really good care of me. He brought me tea every couple of hours. He found additional childcare. He coordinated carpools and went grocery shopping.

This past month has been a lesson in taking care of myself. Have you been feeling vulnerable lately? I’d love to hear about it.

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T November 11, 2013 at 2:14 pm

I came down with a really bad stomach virus last year. I caught it after riding on public transportation in Dallas for the first time. That was a wake up call! (Hello anti-bacterial wipes!)

At first, it was horrible but then I found some peace in it. I found that I was lying around actually… relaxing! Which is something I hadn’t done in a very long time.

I hope you’re feeling better now! Big love to the family and those beautiful girls!


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