When a single mom remarries and awaits baby No. 2

by singlemomseeking on January 16, 2013

When I first met my friend Amy 10 years ago in the Bay Area, she opened up me — and told me that she was getting divorced.

I don’t remember how I responded, but I hope I said something encouraging. Like You’re so strong. Or, you’re not broken.

At that point, I’d been a single mom for a whopping two years, an old hand. We became fast friends. And just as fast, Amy told me that she was moving back to Colorado to be closer to her family — and earn her Master’s degree! She’s one of the most adventurous and whip-smart woman I’ve ever met. Oh, and she’s so deliciously feisty!

But I missed her a lot when she moved away. Another fascinating detail about Amy: she was born without the ability to hear. When Amy was a little girl, she learned to read lips. Thanks to two cochlear implant operations over the past few years, she now says, “Life is noisy.” (And we can chat on the phone these days!) Be sure to check out her blog to read all about her adventures.

Jump ahead to 2011: Amy told me that she’d met someone on Match.com. Actually, the first time she’d reached out to Dan online, she says that he “took a look at my photo and thought I was cute BUT then noticed I was a single mom — and he deleted me.”

Months and months later, without realizing that she’d already pinged Dan, she noticed him again on Match.com. And she tried to start a conversation. Again. “This time, he checked out my profile a bit more, and then we started connecting through e-mail. He found my traveling blog online and decided right then and there that he had to meet me.”

The first time that Amy introduced her daughter to her now-husband, they were on their way to go bowling. You know, to get to know each other.

On the way to the bowling alley, Amy had to run a quick errand. She left nine-year-old Elyza and The Boyfriend in the car for a few minutes.

That was when Elyza “leaned over and whispered into Dan’s ear, ‘I’m going to get rid of you!’ “

‘I’m going to get rid of you!’

Yes, she’s just as a bold, confident, and brave as her mama. I love it.

Amy and Dan got married last summer at the same place where they had their first Match.com date: Moe’s Original Bar B Que in Denver, CO. I was so honored to witness another single mom friend getting married.

And get this: they’re having a baby (Amy wants to keep the gender a surprise)… due in early April — on my older daughter’s birthday!

If you’re a single mom who’s getting married — or blending your family — I’d love to profile you! Please write to me here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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janine January 17, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Love the persistence on everyone’s part–’cause that’s what ultimately makes a family, right? Everyone working their stuff out together.


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