Everyone keeps asking

by singlemomseeking on June 23, 2012

If we’re sleeping.

whether the baby is nursing well.

How the big sister in the family is doing.

If it’s time to change the name of my blog. (“C’mon Rachel!”)

Here’s a glimpse:

Close friends who’ve known me for years pull me aside ask me what it’s really like. This time. With a man who wants to be here, a man who beams whenever he walks into the room and sees his baby, then rushes over to scoop her up.

These same friends tease about the fact that my blog name is still Single Mom Seeking. “C’mon, when are you gonna get a new URL?”

They have a point. After all, I’m married now. And I just gave birth to my second daughter. (That last photo is with our amazing midwife, Lindy Johnson, whom I can’t thank enough!)

Still, after being a single mom for a decade, I’ll never forget what it was like. When he left. When I told my mom’s group — who were all married moms, happily married, so I’d thought —  during a picnic in New York City that he was gone. As the leaves around us changed from to orange and red, change was happening all around me, and to me.

It’s time for another change. The name of my blog. Ideas are swimming around my head, as I type this with my newborn asleep in the Ergo on my chest. Nothing has stuck yet.

But I have a feeling that YOU can help. After all, I have a new identity. And I need a new name to illustrate this.

What should my new name be? I’m all ears.

P.S. If you missed the recent post about me by Michelle Fiordaliso from First Comes Motherhood, Then Comes Marriage, have a look.

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