Business of Being Born

by singlemomseeking on March 20, 2012

Hi. I’m still here, 38 weeks pregnant.

I feel different this time around for so many reasons. I’m older in many ways. My body bounced right into this pregnancy, but I have aches this time around that I don’t remember having before. Fortunately, so much is different, like the fact that there’s a man at my side who’s really present, a man who rubs my sore hips and brings me tea.

When we took our birthing prep class,  he held ice cubes in his fists by my side to practice breathing through contractions (when he smiled at me, I had a giggle fit). Not long after finding out that I was pregnant, he sat riveted with me as we watched the documentary The Business of Being Born. It was the first time he’d seen women giving birth.

My eyes were wide open because I gave birth the first time with a midwife — and without drugs — in a birthing center. This film touched me deeply as I remembered giving birth to my daughter, who slid out so fast. Produced by (single mom!) Ricki Lake and filmmaker Abby Epstein, The Business of Being Born, (a.k.a. BOBB) I can see why it became an underground hit.

Now, as I hope to give birth naturally again, I’ve been staying up at night to watch More Business of Being Born, which came out last November. These four films delve deeper birth and feature well-known celebrity-moms talking about their own experiences. At the heart of their stories is the fact that life doesn’t always go as planned. Oh, do I get that.

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