My story about getting optioned

by singlemomseeking on January 3, 2012

It was last summer — before I got pregnant — when I opened this email from a guy in “TV comedy development” at 20th Century Fox. I read it quickly:

“I came upon your book Single Mom Seeking and we’re interested in optioning your title for possible development… Please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

My eyes went to the word “possible.” Yes, he’d said possible. The skeptic in me translated this to mean “illusive.”

So, I’d skimmed his email again and thought, “This can’t be for real.”

That’s when I’d waved it off and got back to my life. A couple of weeks later, however, my publisher, Seal Press, forwarded an email from this same guy to me: he kindly told Seal Press that he’d reached out to me, but hadn’t heard back. (I’m sorry…) He asked me to please contact him.

I wanted to believe that something might be going on; that this wasn’t just a prank. (And that’s why I’ve kept this all so hush-hush for so long.) After calling back “Mr. Fox” and asking a bunch of questions, indeed, he sounded very professional — and serious.

It all seemed ironic in the best way possible. After all, I was not exactly a “single mom seeking” anymore… Maybe something fertile was in my water.

After many phone conversations with my amazing agents, as well as an in-person meeting in L.A., this is all still unfolding. But after six months of negotiating, a deal was made just before the New Year: Single Mom Seeking has been optioned for a TV comedy show.

Stay tuned. And thank you to everyone who has stuck with my blog — and with me — for so long.

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