Getting ready to break ground

by singlemomseeking on June 7, 2011

When the building department told us that we needed to erect “story poles” before getting our plans approved, I’d pictured a ceremony that went something like this:

We’d raise some poles in our backyard, as sticks of sage burned in the wind. Then, we’d take turns making blessings for our future home — and maybe we’d recite a poem or two along the way. After all, the words “story poles” brought to mind images of Native American traditions. Sure, I was ready to let the ceremonies begin!

But no. Story poles are literally wooden stakes that would be installed in our yard to “tell” the future story of what our home would look like. These stakes are actually tools that planners and contractors study to help them plan and make decisions. So, when folks walk around the yard and see these tall poles, they can get an idea of width, height, scale, views, and compatibility with our neighbors.

Apparently, most people who are planning additions hire a contractor to erect these long, unwieldy poles in their yards, which are very heavy and wobbly. But not Chris. My husband (pictured below) insisted on handling his own poles, thank you very much:

So, the madness is about to begin. Everyone has warned me that building an addition is going to be a challenge for our new family. We might drive each other crazy, squeezed into 700 square feet together.We’ll be constantly be compromising. We’ll certainly disagree. Everything will get dusty, as guys with hammers walk through our home every day for months and months.

I’m pumped, actually. Here’s to laying the foundation for our future.

Do tell: What big undertakings are YOU approaching right now?… Are you ready? Are you excited?


P.S. BIG Congrats to the winner of the Samsung SH100 wifi-camera: Ryan!

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