Going on a familymoon

by singlemomseeking on November 10, 2010

“So, where’d you go on your honeymoon?”

People who don’t me very well have asked me this question a lot lately. Those who know me well would answer this way: Oh, Rachel, didn’t go on a honeymoon.

There are lots of theories about how the honeymoon tradition first started, but most us smile when we think about why couples traditionally split town as fast as they could after the wedding ceremony: so they could, um, consummate their marriage in the physical sense.

If I’d wanted to plan a honeymoon with the goal of starting a family…Well, we’ve already covered that. Don’t get me wrong: I would have loved to pack our bags and go on a little trip right after our wedding ceremony.

One of the reasons we got married in the fall was because we wanted to have a backyard wedding in the Bay Area. We could not have wished for a more beautiful day, with the sun shining through the oak trees, and dancing under the warm starry sky.

Yet, being a mom and all, this timing also coincided with the beginning of the school year. So, a few days after our wedding, there we were, at Back-to-School night. (I did not know that my daughter’s teacher would announce the news, and all the parents would applaud as I blushed.)

Jetting off for a honeymoon at the start of my kid’s school year just didn’t seem fair. So, now what?

We’re going on a familymoon.

When I tell people that, eyebrows usually go up. Maybe a “familymoon” isn’t as common as I would have thought?

We haven’t nailed down all the details yet — but my new hubby, daughter, and all agree that a short trip with lots of time outdoors would be fun. No, this adventure won’t be filled with any Niagara Falls romance (although we’ll have separate sleeping arrangements wherever we go). Yet, it will give the three of us time and space to bond. (I hope.)

Tell me:

Do you think that going a familymoon is a crazy, stressful idea?

Or, if you got remarried, would you consider going on a familymoon? If so, what would your ideal familymoon be like?

(If you’re a former single parent who’s now married, please chime in on this, too!)

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