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by singlemomseeking on April 22, 2010

Lately, many of the bloggers I follow seem to be writing about living their own truths:

Jess from Sassafrass wrote a birthday post about turning 38 and finding “a part of myself that I was afraid of — the quiet, still piece of me that I have not given much time and space to grow before. I’ve learned to not only spend time alone but to enjoy it, crave it, understand more fully how it serves me.”

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein — whose tag line is actually “Live Your Truth” — wrote this week that she had no story to tell. No matter, she says:Our job is to be in this moment. As boring, as ordinary, as pedestrian as this moment may be. To write. To create. To show up.”

The very genuine T — from The Quest for T – is wondering whether or not she should make her blog more private: “My story may not be the truth of anyone else,” she writes. “We all have our stories. I do not choose to be right. I choose to share, to process, to find ME. This is my quest.”

All this wedding planning sure is making me think: what does it mean to live my own truth? What kind of story do I want to “tell” when I get married?


That Lucky Guy and I have each been married once before: in hurried courthouse weddings with two witnesses each, and no after-party. Maybe we didn’t quite know what we were getting into when we said to each other: “Let’s have a wedding!” One night recently, we were browsing some of the most popular wedding sites just for fun — ha! — until the jokes about backyard BBQ versus eggplant-and-gold hotel reception turned serious. Who are we going to invite? How much is this going to cost us?

Something big — like planning a wedding — really makes you take a hard look at WHAT IS. Sure, we can stay up late every night browsing catering websites, flower arrangements, and monogrammed party favors. But in the end, what really matters is this: love. Along with some sunshine, good food, music, and laughter.

We’d both like everything to be perfect, but that’s just not the truth, is it? We disagree sometimes. We’re both stubborn and oversensitive. And we’ve got a lot on our minds. And still, we want to be together. That’s being real, isn’t it? Now, let’s hear about YOUR truth. Spill, please.

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