Happy Birthday Depot Dad!

by singlemomseeking on February 6, 2010

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For starters, today’s post is a big secret surprise, okay? Shhhhh.

Today is Jim’s birthday and I have a plan, but I need your help. First of all, if you don’t know Jim — aka Depot Dad (pictured above) — let me start with this:

I first met Jim, the single dad of two kids, when he showed up at a local book reading for the poignant single mom author Mary Pols. He knew I’d be there because I’d blogged about it. (But if it hadn’t been Jim, I might have been creeped out.)

Our friendship began, and then, boom: a year and a half ago, Jim was diagnosed with melanoma. Jim blogged very openly at Depot Dad about cancer spreading to both of his lungs, kidneys, and liver. During the time he was taking interferon, I saw how shaky and sick he got.

Although Jim says that he doesn’t quite understand why people keep telling him that he’s a fighter and he’s so courageous — he really is. No matter what has happened along the way, he has laughed. He has let friends into his heart. And he has remained an incredible father.

He’s the kind of guy who makes bingo blogging boards like this just for fun. He has drawn series of comics for his kids lunches (they’re so lucky!) — this is one of my favorites.

Understandably, Jim “closed” his blog last October because he wanted to go into an “insular space.”

Now get this: One of his most recent CT scans showed that cancer on his kidneys had disappeared. And the cancer on his liver is now almost undetectable. The masses on his lungs had shrunk by about 50%, too.

This is where YOU come in. Jim might be really annoyed at me after this (after all, he shut down his blog months ago to gain some privacy).

But just for today — on February 6 — if you’re on Twitter, please do the following:

Send Jim a birthday wish today at Depot Dad. Say anything to give him a little positive lift to his day.

I don’t want to overwhelm him. But I do want the world to tell him on his birthday that he ROCKS.


P.S. You might know that Jim is self-employed in the SF Bay Area. Even when he was sick, he has been working his butt off to provide a wide variety of market solutions for Apple products — including training, tech support, and planning. (And I can vouch that he’s a Mac PRO!)

So, if you know anyone in the SF Bay Area who might need some Mac support, please send him/her to MacLighthouse.

Here’s Jim (and me!). Now then, I’m off to his birthday party…. thank you!

Rach Jim

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