Why you should say “yes” to a set up

by singlemomseeking on December 11, 2009

Yes, I was that woman , the one who thought that set ups NEVER worked.

About two years ago, when my smart and sweet author-friend named Veronica Chater told me about her smart, good-looking, funny guy friend, I waved her off. No thanks.

Jump ahead to the end of 2008, and I broke one of my longest dating strikes — I put myself back on JDate.

In between working, parenting — oh, and launching Singlemommyhood! — I went on blind dates.

By the second week of 2009, I was already feeling jaded. (Some of you get it, don’t you?)

I asked all of you right here on this blog: “Is there a confident, intelligent, sweet single guy out there who can appreciate me as a woman, mother — and blogger?

Thank you for writing in to give me hope — and for making me laugh with your own jaded anecdotes.

That’s when the ever-insightful T commented:

“Surely, he’s out there. I mean, surely… when we least expect it? Right?”

A few months passed, and my author-friend brought him up again. He was this and he was that, he did this and he did that… I told her that I was taking another break from dating. Maybe I wasn’t ready. Maybe I was too skeptical.

But last winter, fate brought us together at this same friend’s book launch party.
And today, I can’t believe that I said “No.” Twice.
Tell me:
Have you ever been set up?
Has anyone offered? What did you say?

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