Meeting Aunt Marge

by singlemomseeking on October 8, 2009

My Aunt Marge regularly reads my blog, although she tells me: “Sometimes I feel like I should read it with my eyes closed. It’s just too much information.”

I don’t get to see Aunt Marge often — she lives on the East Coast — so whenever I do, it’s a treat. She’s always filled with advice, and I eat it right up. For example, when I was thinking about wearing flannel PJs live on TV for Pajama Day — as part of a Valentine’s Day episode on single moms and dating — Marge emailed me in caps, “DO NOT WEAR FLANNEL.” (She was right, of course.)


When I wrote about my Facebook status fight with that Lucky Guy, Marge got so worked up that she even commented on my blog, with a disclaimer that began with “some old fashioned advice from an old woman:”

Don’t push. If LG is not comfortable with this — or anything else — and does it just to please you, he will resent it, and your possible long lasting wonderful relationship will spiral away from you. You have to show him that you are respectful of his wishes, as you would want from him in any other situation.”

Then she ended with: “Introducing you to his family is far more of a committed step than anything to the unknown public online.”

Well, how about introducing him to MY family?

This week, Marge is in town with my sweetheart uncle for a visit. They’re the one couple in my family whom I think about whenever I envision an ideal relationship. Yes, I want to have a lasting partnership for decades like theirs — and they prove that it’s really possible. (Doesn’t everyone have one couple like that in their heads? I’ll never forgot T’s post about her Mema and Papa’s lasting love.)

Anyway, weeks before her arrival to California, Marge made it very clear that she had a mission on this trip: to meet that Lucky Guy. In fact, they’d already been in contact by email (!) to discuss cooking a meal together.

Last night, he hosted a dinner at his home with salmon on the grill, rice, a fig salad — and a baked apple dessert made by Marge and my girl. Yep, Marge’s email to me this morning sums up how the evening went:

“Let’s say I was not disappointed an iota to be able to be with him face to face….”


Oh, have I mentioned that LG made me a table? Remember my Feng Shui dilemma about my office? Well, I sold the desk on Craig’s List, and in its place, LG hand-crafted this for that space:

Desk LG jpg

Indeed, it’s a dining table doubles as a desk. (And I thought he was just a hot science nerd!) For those of you who wonder what happened to the bed he was making? He says it’s almost done: he’s installing some handles…Handles?

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