by singlemomseeking on September 14, 2009

Can single parents of the opposite sex really be friends?

I say “Yes.” What do you say? This all started when RJ’s daughter made her birthday wish a couple of months ago: to come up to San Francisco and celebrate.

RJ is the founder of, and he first contacted me after my book came out. We’ve been talking ever since. Weeks ago, RJ, being the kind of father that he is, set out to plan a very special weekend for Mia. Although RJ and I had never met each other’s kids, we always laughed about how similar our daughters sounded: creative, goofy, hip, sensitve, and smart.

So, on Thursday, RJ and Mia crashed at our home. For the weekend, RJ had reserved a suite at Hotel Diva, which is part of the very class Personality Hotels in San Francisco.

Hotel Diva

Now, some of you are probably saying: hold the phone, I’ve seen those videos that you and RJ made over the past year. You two have some chemistry, don’t deny it! It’s true: RJ and I have a great rapport. When we get on the camera, we flirt, tease, and challenge each other.

But off camera? RJ is like the brother I never had. Seriously — and if you asked him, I’m sure he’d tell you the same about me (Well, not that I’m like a brother…). From the get go, RJ and I made it clear that we’d be great friends (we hoped). Platonic playmates, perhaps?

But, hey, Rachel, don’t you have a boyfriend? (In case you didn’t know, RJ has also been dating an amazing woman for about the same time that I’ve been dating that Lucky Guy.) This is where trust comes in. As it turns out, LG was headed out of town for a wedding this weekend. He seemed genuinely excited about my plans — and fortunately, LG even got to meet RJ the last time he was in town.

RJ later told me, “You got a good one, Rach” — and this time, he hand-delivered a bottle of Mammoth beer to LG (nice). No, I haven’t met RJ’s girlfriend — yet — but I’m honored that she trusts her man. (Did I mention that we had a two-room suite at the Hotel Diva?) For the record, sharing one bathroom was a bit of an issue, but only for that out-numbered RJ.

I adore RJ’s daughter, Mia. It was hard for me to let that girl go back to San Diego. And he certainly cracked up my kid:

RJ and our girls

Now, RJ and I are off to edit some videos of the weekend. In case you’re wondering how our girls hit it off, here they are yesterday at the Embarcadero Pier:




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