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by singlemomseeking on August 3, 2009


I’ve been a little quiet these days. If you asked me why, I’d tell you that I’m working hard behind-the-scenes.

With two blogs under my belt as well as freelance editing — and some exciting plans in the works — my plate is full.

But leave it to a blogger like Depot Dad to disagree. “Work?” he’d probably say to me. “Yeah, right!”

That’s because Depot Dad says that what’s really going on is “a crisis” in the blogging world.

In fact, it’s one, he says, “that has intruded into too many of the lives of so many in our beloved single parent blogging community.”

A crisis, you say?

“I am just going to say it straight out,” writes Depot Dad in his recent post.

“There’s just too damn much LOVE going on. And look! It has stricken the very best of our ranks! One Woman Show, Better Now… Canadian Bald Guy (who didn’t even have the courtesy to woo outside our party, but insisted on stealing the heart of ANOTHER SINGLE PARENT BLOGGER, thereby reducing our ranks further!), and now, and with my deepest regrets, Mommy Pie!”

Of course, Depot Dad is happy for all of us (you are, aren’t you, Jim?). But here’s what’s really at the heart of his protest:

“The reduction in single parent blogs! You see, once a good single parent blogger goes all a flutter with tweety birds and hearts circling their heads, they suddenly forget about their blogs. Or worse! They do remember them and suddenly fill their blog space with the most insidious, nauseous, and unbecoming descriptions of their gooey joys.”

“Where is the acerbic wit?” he wants to know. “Where is the suffering? Where is the pointed sarcasm and bitterness? These are what make great coffee time blog reading. These are the tasty morsels of the community I recognize and adore.”


In fact, that hunk of a Depot Dad is so worked up over this that he has taken to squatting on Mommy Pie’s blog. For real.

“I’ve taken it upon myself to move in there,” he explains in Mommy Pie’s Comments.

“You know, until she returns. It is kind of like having a party in the house of your neighbor’s while they are away on vacation. I’m planning on posting some blog posts there over the next several days and weeks. Maybe you’d like to join the party?”


So, tell me: Do you agree with Depot Dad?

Is all this single parent blogging “gooey joy”…. just too gooey?

Do you also find yourself missing what was in much of the single parent blogging community lately?

And if so, what shall we do about it?

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