Sleeping arrangements

by singlemomseeking on August 28, 2009

When that Lucky Guy and I were planning our trip to Kauai, I let him take over the hotel arrangements. Okay, I didn’t exactly let him “take over.” Before leaving, I’d stayed up late a couple of nights to browse online and see what might be available at the end of August (and what might be reasonable). Then, I sent a handful of links to him, and he emailed to follow up.

The first week, he and I stayed in this former plantation cottage on the southern part of the island, where it was very quiet minus the roosters that start crowing at 4 a.m:


After getting over my initial “kid sickness,” I was giddy. Wow, I could really lounge on the porch and read a book for hours? I could really sleep in? (A couple of roosters crowing? How romantic!)

After hiking every day, we either stopped at our favorite “Shrimp Station” in town or picked up fresh fish to cook. (I admit it: I didn’t make dinner one night we were there. He did.) We walked on the black sand on the beach, two minutes from our cottage. The stars at night were brilliant.

Then, on Day Six, we drove north and picked up M. We were headed to this condo on the north shore of Kauai.

It’s a big one bedroom place — with a huge couch and a roll away bed in the living room,” LG had told me earlier.

“Okay,” I said. “And where do you think everyone will sleep?”

He looked at me like I was joking. “We’ll sleep in the bedroom,” he said. “And M can sleep on the sofa or roll-away bed.”

But I know my kid. I bit my bottom lip and said, “I should give you the heads-up about something. She might put a fight about sleeping on a little bed in the other room, while we share the big master bed.”

And the truth is, I knew I’d miss her, too. I felt stuck. Could I plead with him to take the roll-away bed? Uh, no. And asking my boyfriend to share a family bed with my kid and me? That would be too strange, right?

That night, on my way to pick up M, I got a call that she’d gone to a local film festival with our family friends. A mile north of Hanalei, we spotted the bright screen. I searched for M in the grass, in the dark, and she reached out and grabbed me. It was the best hug ever.

We didn’t get to our condo until 10 p.m. and the first thing I noticed was the sofa in the living room: one of those long U-shaped couches. Sure, maybe she could sleep there, but when I sat down, I realized that the pillows were sewn on and didn’t come off. It would be a tight fit.

Then, I found the roll-away bed in the closet and pulled it out. It was a bit sad, just like this:


Still, I put a fitted sheet on the little cot, with a flowery comforter and a soft pillow. When I sat down on the cot and waved M over, she made an icky face. “I’m NOT sleeping there!” she said.

So, I’m curious:

What would you have done in the situation? What would the sleeping arrangements have looked like? And, in the end, where do you think everyone slept?

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