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by singlemomseeking on August 14, 2009

I’ve started to write little love notes for my daughter before she goes on her trip. This was all Dr. Leah’s idea, really. When I asked for some advice to prepare for our longest time apart, Dr. Leah said:

“Why don’t you write a note for M for every day that’s she away and tuck the notes in sealed envelopes in her suitcase? M has her cell phone calendar to keep track of the days, but emotionally needs that little piece of motherly love.”

So, I’ve written a week’s worth of sweet nothings and tucked them into little pink envelopes.”Did you swim today?” I’ve asked. “Did you have some shaved ice?”

Of course, I included some jokes for my goofy girl to read, too:

What does a frog wear on St. Patrick’s Day?


What kind of cell phone does a turtle use?

(A shell phone!)

love cards

This all feels big: letting my kid go off by herself for a week. Dr. Leah has urged me to “hold it together” at the airport. If I break down and sob, she says, M “will be confused, upset, and bewildered. It’s your ‘parental duty’ to convey happy anticipation and confident optimism. If you feel an impending cry, just tilt your head slightly upward and breathe forcefully through your nose.”

Her last words of advice? “Suck those tears back in.”

You got it, Dr. Leah!


And this feels big, too: for the first time since launching my blog two years ago, I’m taking a break. For the next 10 (!) days, I’m letting this Single Mom Seeking take a breather. If this does anything, I hope that it encourages you to take a little break, too. You deserve it.

In the meantime, however, Singlemommyhood is ALIVE. So, hop on over there to get some juicy dating tips, advice about your ex, fun giveaways (Kelty backpacks, anyone?)… and more!

See you at Singlemommyhood. And take good care of yourselves! I’ll see you soon!


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