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by singlemomseeking on July 22, 2009

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions about keeping my work out of the bedroom.

Since moving to my new home, I’ve been working in a variety of places:

1. At my desk, after moving it to three different locations

2.  In the backyard

3.  In the kitchen

Because I no longer have a “real” office, I’m trying out new places to find the best fit. It’s not that I’m not high-maintenance (okay, maybe a little). But I work from home and really need to the right space to focus.

That’s why I’ve turned to Mr. Dreamy Blue Eyes — oh, I mean feng shui expert Ariel Joseph — again.


I wish he could just fly up north and have a look at my home…. In the meantime, emailing photos to him will have to do:
So, here’s my desk right next to the front door, which makes me feel like I should get up and go:


I’m glad you are not keeping your desk here,” Ariel tells me.


“Near the door can be unsettling. Just ask the Godfather why he sits where he does in the restaurant. In fact, we could all take a page or two from the Godfather on this one. Ideally we would sit within a space where the Godfather would eat dinner (in the back, with something solid at our back and facing the rest of the room. Possibly with two “guardians” at our backs.) This position violates the principle of being in the “back.”
Now, here’s my desk next to the window, making it the focus of the living room:


“It is near some source of natural light which can sometimes help us feel connected to nature,” says Ariel. “However, your back is still to the door (another Godfather no-no) and it squashes the other purpose of the room (sitting, entertainment) which I am not crazy about for you. Plus you don’t like it, which is the most important thing.”
Lastly, when my college friend, Amanda, was visiting last week, she suggested that I move my desk to the kitchen:


To my amazement, I’ve liked working here most of all. But there’s no room for the kitchen table, and understandably, my kid is upset about losing a place to eat.

“This sounds like the best option of the three — and I love the color of the walls!” agrees Ariel.

“However, it’s important to listen to our little loved ones, because they might be picking up on something that we can’t quite articulate. Perhaps it is just about change, and it will change over time. Or perhaps it feels energetically off. Or maybe she doesn’t like that there is a DESK in a KITCHEN forcing you to have no place to sit and eat! I’m not crazy about this solution either, but at least it’s out of your bedroom.”

Whew. So then, Ariel, just what do you suggest?

Him: “You may hate me, but I think it’s time to let go of the desk.”

Me: Let go of my desk? But I’m a writer!!

Ariel then asks why I’m holding onto my desk. For what? “A few drawers? You can get an actual dining table, put it in the kitchen, sit in the nook next to that great colored wall and in the place that you love the most…then when you are done being a working mama, you can shut the laptop, place it in its place and set the table for coloring, for meals or whatever the next purpose is.”

Maybe it’s the feminist in me, but working at the kitchen table just feels so 19th century to me. I’m not giving up.

So, I ask him: How about a wall desk, like this?


And Ariel likes it! Although he asks: “If you can pull it off, but where?”


Your turn: Do you have any advice for me on this one?

Do any of you work in your kitchen?

Do you believe this Godfather advice… or do refrain from working with your back towards the door?

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