I need some feng shui

by singlemomseeking on June 7, 2009

During the height of my house-hunting craze, this guy named Ariel Joseph contacted me out-of-the-blue from southern California.

As I read his email — Ariel is a “an alchemist of possibility” who “takes stagnant spaces in people’s homes and minds and transforms them into positive, intentional spaces” — I was guarded. What could I have done to receive the services of an internationally recognized  feng-shui expert – and did you see those amazingly striking blue eyes?


After a round of emails and phone calls, however, it became clear: Ariel Joseph is the real thing.

And I needed his help.

Imagine this: I’m writing this post surrounded by stacks of boxes in my new, cozy, sunlight — and small — home. (Just ask Depot Dad, who generously showed up this morning in this mess to hook up my DSL!) And here’s the problem: I don’t have an office.

There are two sweet bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a little living room facing the garden. I thought I had this whole office-thing figured out — until I talked to Ariel.

You see, I was going to set up my office in my bedroom, with my desk at my foot of the bed.

“No desks in the bedroom!” warned Ariel. “No way!”

He went on to tell me to think about the purpose of a bedroom: rest and play.

You don’t want anything in your room that doesn’t support relaxation or romance. Anything that doesn’t support these two purposes can cause a triangulation in the relationship. Instead of the two people focusing on each other, they might be focusing on a television, the dog/cat/baby….”

For instance, there’s the guy who fills his bedroom with a stairmaster, free weights, Tae Bo tapes, and sweaty socks.

Or, there’s the pack rat with storage under her bed, a library of half-read books by the bedside table, and Kwanza ornaments stored in a nearby steamertrunk. (Uh, that was me!)

“That being said,” Ariel went on, “You must have an area in your home for everything you want to accomplish in that home. Writing is an essential part of your life, so you must have a place that you can write comfortably.”

His words of wisdom? “Think outside the desk.”

He asked me to think about my office as a “work station:”

“This is an area small enough to house their computer and maybe a cuppa joe. You don’t need to house the stapler, the scissors, the pens, the scotch tape…. Just the bare essentials.”

“You can bring over a basket of files, a folder or two or the small pile of reference books. You can spread out notecards and magazine clippings and have your PDA, water bottle and bowl of cherries for the occasional snack.”

In the meantime, I’m moving furniture around, as I visualize my ideal workspace.

This has me curious: Clearly, all of you have computers at home. Do you have your own office? Workspace? Or, do you go online in your bedroom? Help me out here!

You can catch Ariel Joseph on upcoming episodes of both Million Dollar Listing (on Bravo) and  Platinum Babies (on WE.)

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