We said the “L” word

by singlemomseeking on May 15, 2009

No doubt, you’re the kind of parent who often tells your child(ren), “I love you.” Hopefully, you also tell family members — and maybe a close friend? — how much you love them, too.

But when do you whisper those words to someone you’re dating?

Those three words put together are filled with such hope, vulnerability, sweetness, and blessing. Because what you’re really saying is: Here’s my heart, will you carry it please? Just don’t drop it…

The Lucky Guy and I had started off with a long hike in the woods in the Bay Area. And, yes, I stayed clear of the poison oak. He’d packed a picnic with wine, cheese, prosciutto (oh, this man and his prosciutto!), and chocolate. Then, we kept walking, for maybe another mile or two, I don’t remember.

We stopped in the middle of the trail and kissed, softly.

I’d never been so damn nervous about telling a man I love him. A week earlier, I had gotten up the courage to say:”I’m falling hard for you.” I wanted to say more that day, so much more. But not yet.

There we were, just off the trail, in the sunshine, holding each other, whispering… We said those three words. Then he started to cry. And I started to cry. We were one big, happy, weeping mess.

Then, life as we know it: I stopped to try to get the mud off my shoes.


Tell me: When was the last time you told someone — besides your kid or a family member — “I love you”?

P.S. Check out Singlemommyhood today, where we’re covering Tweeting for love.

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