Love is in the air

by singlemomseeking on May 26, 2009


Have you been following that pair of single parent bloggers (above) who’ve recently fallen hard for each other?

It’s too cliche to blame it on spring, and their story is more complex than your typical puppy love in May. For starters, Canadian Bald Guy and Momma Sunshine first dated, briefly, months ago.

Soon, they both blogged openly about going separate ways, but didn’t reveal each other’s identities — until now. If you haven’t read their recent open, honest, feeling posts, consider this fair warning. You’ll be sucked in like the rest of us.

Momma Sunshine writes very poignantly that in the past three months, she has grown “stronger than I ever thought possible…. There were lessons that needed to be learned – apart. My only wish was that we could have done it without hurting each other so much first. But all that is behind us now.”

In the meantime, Canadian Bald Guy writes that after a few months apart, he’s ready to face his fears — and be present:

“I am now more afraid to NOT have her in my life than I am of failing at the relationship.  I think that’s a big self-actualization step…and definitely a huge step forward for us.”

“I don’t know what the future holds for us,” adds Momma Sunshine. “None of us do, really. I can be okay with that…because what we have right here, right now, is enough. I know what love is…and I am intensely grateful for it. Because in the past three days I have felt more love and joy than some people ever get to experience in their lives.


Are you also blown away by this single mom and dad who are writing so openly in real time? Wow.

The catch is: they live three hours away from each other. I’m very curious to see how they’ll cope with the long distance, and I’m rooting for them (aren’t you?). They both seem like such affectionate, loving — and silly!! — human beings. I believe, and hope, that they will make this relationship work.

Let’s give these love birds some advice, shall we?

Certainly, you must have a tip for these two. For starters, here’s my one piece of humble advice:

Get a lock on your door.

(If you two already have locks on your bedroom doors, do tell!)


Your turn: What your best piece of advice for this Canadian Bald Guy and Momma Sunshine?

C’mon now, I know that you have a real, good nugget up your sleeve!

In the meantime, read all about the weekend they recently spent together. Their honesty and vulnerability will inspire you.

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