A boyfriend and a blog

by singlemomseeking on May 17, 2009

You’ll be proud of me:

In contrast to, uh, previous dating experiences, I did NOT tell this new guy about my blog on the first date. Or even on the second.

Yes, you can Google me in a snap, but during our first lunch date, I’d said to him:

“Could you please hold off from Googling me? It’s easy to find me, and I’d like you to know me offline first.”

And guess what? He respected my request.

I didn’t feel comfortable, however, hiding my blog from him for weeks on end. Eventually, I let this URL loose.

Little did I know that soon enough, his entire family — parents, sisters, and nieces — would soon Google me and discover this blog, too.

Which brings me to the question: How much should you share on your blog about someone you’re dating?

Recently, another blogger — Seth Simonds of The Dating Paperssuggested that if you’re blogging about a new, budding relationship, “It can be helpful to have a ‘blog policy’ outlined ahead of time agreeing which things you’ll discuss on the blog and what will truly ‘stay at home.’ ”

A blog policy?

Seth hinted that he “didn’t have a blog policy,” and “because of it,” he “ended up with burnt fingers.”

“It provides a handy reference and something to rely on,” Seth added. “Just like best friends starting a business together do best with a contract, it simplifies things.”

Do I need a blog policy?

For the record, whenever I’m drafting a blog post, I either email or text the Lucky Guy to give him the head’s up about my topic. Although more than one published post has made him blush, “I think that you’ve been very respectful,” he told me.

“You mean because I haven’t written one negative thing about you?” I said.

Him: “Yeah, and you make everything sounds much better — and bigger.”

Then he added: “I trust you.”


I’d love to know: What do you think about “a blog policy” when it comes to someone you’re dating?

After all, one reader recently commented here that reading my recent emotional post made her feel “odd.”


On this topic, today at Singlemommyhood, a single mom blogger struggles with a similar issue:

Should I tell my boyfriend about my blog?”

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