The man I’m dating

by singlemomseeking on April 11, 2009

Well, here he is (part of him, anyway!), in one of the first photos he emailed to me. His silly, sweet side certainly comes through, don’t you think?


Many of you have pointed out, however, that this “new guy” really needs a name. So, I’m here to ask for your help: Do you have any ideas?

Yes, “Isaac” is fun — and it adds a meaningful, Biblical twist to our relationship, even if we’re not sure about God. But Isaac is not really him.

I’ve brainstormed for a few days and come up with some (poor) ideas. Help!

1. Wireless Man

He has ingeniously wired his home so that NOT one wire is showing anywhere. No kidding. Fortunately, he accepts me for being too wired in my own home!

2. Mr. Prosciutto

He has indulged me in many ways, including making prosciutto-and-cheese sandwiches for me on our first hike. Yes, we also had wine, chocolate, and some kissing off the trail…

3. Lucky Guy (my current favorite)

Remember when I’d I invited him to spin with me at the gym? (The “hot chick” incident was yet to come.) So, that evening, we’d both parked in the same garage near the gym.

Driving on the way out, I was in front of him. I would have paid for his parking, except that it had already been validated by the gym. So, instead, I leaned out my window and told the parking attendant:

“I have a big favor to ask. Could you please tell that guy behind me that I think he’s really cute?”

The parking attendant’s eyes got big. “Really?”


Ten minutes later, there was a text on my phone: “He says that I’m a lucky guy.”

The only problem with calling him “Lucky Guy” is that it sounds so darn presumptuous, don’t you think?

Sure, he might be lucky. But he’s still putting up with my neurotic weirdness and emotional ups and downs.

That’s no easy feat, believe me.

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