Giving up sex for knitting?

by singlemomseeking on April 16, 2009


Just put the words “sex” and “single mom” together, and you’re bound to incite a riot.

Remember when I decided to become a virgin again? (Impossible, I know. But I DID have one of my longest sex-free spells ever this past year.)

While I was still contemplating my sex-free life, posted my excerpt on Lust and the Lactating Mother, I was reminded how touchy some folks can get. The nastiest comments in response to my post had little do to with lactating while dating. Instead, they focused on what a horrible mother I was.

One reader referred to my incident as “one night stand sluttiness.”

Another called me a “a certified, 14K Gold, 5 star mess…You are the latest bit of evidence that America is over.” then blogged — Should Single Moms Have a Sex Life? — and that post remained of the most popular for weeks on the site.

Many (married) moms there didn’t hold back: they made it clear that we, as single moms, should put our needs on the back burner until our kids have left home.

Let’s be real, shall we? Of course, your children’s needs come first. You put everything you have into raising happy, healthy kids. But, how about you?

“What was she supposed to do? Sit at home knitting?,” one reader wrote, sarcastically. (Thank  you!)

“She might as well slip stitch her vagina closed since clearly she is no longer a sexual or sexually desirable person.”


I’d love to hear from Moms and Dads on this one: What’s the longest you’ve gone without gettin’ some?….

For those of you who haven’t dated yet, is this kind of stigma holding you back? I understand if it is.

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