Single dad needs your advice about buying clothes for his daughter

by singlemomseeking on February 26, 2009


As many of you know, I love getting your emails.

I often turn to Dr. Leah, aka The Sanity Fairy ™, to help me answer some of the heavier parenting questions.

And very often, I turn to all of you. Thanks!

So, here’s the latest, from Steve, the single dad of twins — a son and a daughter — who often comments here as “SDMktg.”

Steve is a very caring and devoted father who lives in southern California. Although we haven’t met in person (yet!), it’s clear that he’s a great cook, baker, dad, and boyfriend. (Every year, he bakes homemade cakes for his twins’ birthdays!)

Steve recently wrote to ask about a clothing dilemma regarding his daughter.

Here’s the deal:

“I’m having a hard time finding pants that fit my seven-year-old daughter.”

“She’s the biggest kid in her class, — and to use the cliché, she’s big boned.”

There isn’t a weight issue here. It’s simply a challenge for this dad to find pants that fit his daughter in both the waist and length.

“I’ve tried buying pants a couple sizes larger — like a 10 — but then they are way too long in the legs.  Rolling them up doesn’t work and hemming them isn’t the best either because the knees end up hitting near her shins.”

“I’m hoping someone out there in the blogging world will have some suggestion,” adds Steve. “Maybe another parent knows about a brand or store that has clothes for bigger kids.”

Before you jump in and ask if Steve’s daughter might wear skirts instead, I already asked him that.

“It makes me insane the stores and designers have all decided that micro minis are appropriate for elementary school girls,” Steve says. “I don’t care if they have built in shorts underneath, they are still too short.”

Not only do those super-short skirts show too much leg, Steve says, “but my daughter is also fair skinned and burns very easily.”

So, there are two issues here:

First, if you have any suggestions for Steve —  where can he find perfect-fitting pants for his first-grader? — let’s hear them!

Second, if you have a daughter, how do you feel about these “micro minis”?

Do you let your daughter wear short skirts, does it depend on her age, or never?

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