Am I a terrible mom for letting my kid watch The Bachelor?

by singlemomseeking on February 2, 2009

For those of you who are sick of my “Bachelor” posts, I understand. You have my full permission to ignore this post. No hard feelings, okay?

Confession: I’ve been letting my eight-year-old watch parts of The Bachelor. And the reason is  selfish: I’ve wanted to watch the show.

But after the first episode, I realized this: watching The Bachelor has opened up a discourse to explain modern-day relationships to my savvy kid.

At least I’m not alone.

An author and blogger whom I admire — Kaui Hart — recently wrote a hilarious post about Watching the Bachelor with My Daughter,” and it’s classic!

Her four-year-old wanted to stay up late to watch The Bachelor: “Can I watch the whole thing?”

“No,” I say. “It will hurt your brain.”

“Then why will you watch the whole thing?”

“The damage is done.”

(Read Kaui’s full post here.)

“I think that The Bachelor has given my daughter and me some good dialogue prompts,”  Kaui explains to me in an email. (By the way, she’s married, and her husband can’t stand the show).

“The gender lessons I see on the show are often no better than the ones found in the Disney princess books,” she adds.

Gender lessons on primetime TV? Say what?

I happen to agree.

I’ve let M watch the first few episodes. During the kissing scenes, she covered her eyes and turned the other way. (No, I didn’t even ask her. Kissing scenes are so embarrassing!)

She wants to know why so many women are crying. “Mommy, now another one is crying! Oh no!”

She starts to giggle.

Then I start to giggle, too. “See how silly they’re being,” I say, “crying over a man!”

I clear my throat and get real serious: “You don’t need a man to be happy,” I add. “You find happiness right here, inside of you.”

I touch her chest. She squints her eyebrows at me, clearly thinking, You’re weird mom.

But tonight, she didn’t watch The Bachelor. That’s because the show is narrowed down to just a handful women — and if Jason Mesnick starts sleeping around, that’s just too much information.

Am I alone here?

Do any of you let your kids — under age 11 — watch The Bachelor, or any other PG-13 reality shows?


Sigh, Jason booted off all the single moms tonight… and that’s a silly photo of me acting like a Bachelorette, taken by Craig Merrill. And yes, that baby peed on me!

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