by singlemomseeking on February 22, 2009

I don’t know if anyone really likes to clean. But the clutter has gotten so out of hand here that somethin’ has to be done, like it or not. Do you know what I mean?

Here’s a “before” photo of the inside of one closet, taken this morning. At least one of us was enjoying the clutter:


So, I’ve been going through clothes in the back of my closet. I also cleaned out my shed, while talking to Dr. Leah on the phone (thanks for the company!).

I’ve always been the kind of woman who loves to hang onto mementos from my past — including ex-boyfriends! — but at some point, I need to let go. This kind of baggage is not just material, it’s emotional.

If you want to be ready and open to a relationship, you’ve got to purge the old stuff, right?

As Dr. Leah mentions on Singlemommyhood today, we have both spent our weekends cleaning.

If you’re still holding onto “keepsakes” from past relationships, please read here.

If you’re still holding onto things from your “marriage museum,” what’s the first thing you’re going to purge?

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