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by singlemomseeking on February 13, 2009

hand-wipesUse Those “wipies”?

The first time I met one of my best friends, Siobhan, at the playground, we discovered that our girls were the same age, and also had the same middle name! Siobhan offered to share snacks — but only after we cleaned our hands with the “wipies” she offered.

Surely you know someone like this – the parent who’s more than concerned about germs…I’ve often teased Siobhan about that afternoon. But guess what? Siobhan and her daughter have never missed a Valentine’s Day party. My daughter and I have.

For two Februarys in a row, we’ve been huddled under blankets, feverish.

I looked at M and said, “You’re my Valentine!” She made a face – her friends were exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and she was at home with the flu.

Last February, however, M was there for her second grade Valentine’s Day party. What was the secret? No, we hadn’t gotten our flu shots. It was my neurotic friend’s secret: hand washing.


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The Exception February 13, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Nose irrigation… that is the key with me. Yes, we wash hands, but too much washing can do as much harm as it can good as the anti-bacterial soaps. Our bodies need some bacteria to keep us healthy. I am also a huge fan of building the natural defenses. I rarely get sick and my daughter has a bout about once a year… which she has not experienced yet. So much of it is good healthy living – sleep etc… keepings germs away from the face (huge) and for us it is now that nose irrigation. A little bit of salt water can go a long way to minimizing the illness and ridding the body of a significant percentage of the bacteria!


T February 13, 2009 at 8:54 am


I’m so anal about humidifiers in the cold/flu season because our mucus membranes (yes, I said mucus) get dry with running the heat and the drier winter air. When they are dry, they are more likely to attract and hold those pesky germs and bugs that cause colds and flu.

I was that mom who always had wipes and antibacterial gel. I still do! And I make sure the girls wash their hands after being at school all day and after we’ve left any kind of store.

I’m also pretty tough about taking vitamins and keeping our bodies healthy with doses of acidophilus (or yogurt). Unfortunately, my older daughter was slacking off on the yogurt consumption last week and wouldn’t you know it, she got a stomach bug. My little one didn’t and I didn’t either.

I could go on and on… as I’m sure you’re well aware Rachel.

Yes, washing hands helps!

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BlueBella February 13, 2009 at 8:42 am

I’m so with you guys on the hand washing – it makes such a difference! Also, making sure not to touch or rub your eyes, stick your fingers in your mouth or nose and using the sanitizing lotion can make all the difference in constantly picking up every bug on the planet and staying mostly healthy during cold season.

Glad you two are healthy for this lovey day!

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