I used to be that woman who never got sick

by singlemomseeking on February 6, 2009

…and then I had a kid.

M was so stuffed up this week that I kept her home for one day this week. (Thanks to Dr. Leah, the Sanity Fairy, for reminding me about that age-old trick, when you steam water and have your kid breath in the steam. It works!)

I had so many colds those first few years of motherhood. I felt like that horse the farmer is considering taking out back to relieve its misery… Anyway, here I am, all stuffed up again.

In the meantime, the cute guy might have read my post because he called instead of texting! He said that he’s not going away this weekend, and can he see me?… With a runny nose?

According to the National Institute of Health:

  • Children have about 6-10 colds a year on average, mostly because they often share space in daycare centers and schools.
  • Adults have about 2-4 colds each year.
  • In general, women have more colds than men – especially women between ages 20-30.

Here are some helpful tips to staying healthy, although I’d edit the “Cover Up” advice:

Instead of teaching your kids to cough or sneeze into their hands — yuck! — show them how to do “The Elephant.”

M learned this in preschool: instead of coughing or sneezing into the palm of your hands, you do it into your elbow. (Because who shakes hands with his/her elbow, right?)

M is a pro at this now, although occasionally I yell out, “Elephant!” to remind her.

How do you stay healthy in the winter?

Any tips? Or, is getting sick simply inevitable?

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