A man and his exes, Part II

by singlemomseeking on February 28, 2009


When I recently asked for your advice about going to a party with a man and his exes, you really gave it to me.

Apples suggested I tell him: “I can only handle meeting ONE ex at a time.” (Ha!)

Nancy suggested that I “just go, have fun, be the ‘new girl’ everyone is checking out.”

Judy said that she’d “feel icky about going” (I hear you!)

John F had the nerve to add, “We are in a horrible economy and hey–it’s a free meal.”

What really amused me was the number of you who suggested that I go just so I could write a juicy blog post (you’re all so bad!).

Amy Sue Nathan pointed out that this all sounded like a Sex and the City episode during which “Miranda is put in a similar situation, and the people at the table are really there to check her out and ask specific questions.”

“You’re not really selling this guy, you know,” added the very perceptive Single Parent Dad. “He doesn’t get your dry sense of humor? What’s all that about?”

On top of that, I ran into a childcare dilemma. My mom offered to take M earlier in the afternoon, but the party started at 7. The idea of driving to the suburbs, fetching her, and dropping her off somewhere else didn’t seem fair.

When I explained this to the date, he was sweet to say, “You can bring your daughter if you want.” (No, they’ve never met and she doesn’t know about him). That would be too weird.

So, alas, I did not go. Are you disappointed?

Today at Singlemommyhood, Dr. Leah clarifies what it really means when someone says that he/she is “still best friends” with an ex.

What do you think?

Read the Sanity Fairy’s great advice here.

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