Where’s the chemistry when you’re dating online?

by singlemomseeking on January 12, 2009

Dad’s House is right: going online is a great way to meet random people, but online dating will not help you find chemistry.

Unless you’re darn lucky.

That’s why I just might go offline in order to compete for the next episode of The Bachelorette. Hey, why can’t I be the first-ever half-Jewish single mom Bachelorette?

I’m not being serious. Just cynical.

In the past few weeks, here’s a brief round-up of my online dating experiences:

— A well-known local author and single dad stood me up.

— Another single dad asked if my kid could come with me on our second date “because you’re on your own and it must be hard to find childcare.”

— Yet another single dad came clean about both his age and his location an hour into a phone conversation. (He took four years off his age. He said that he lives in San Francisco, when he really lives an hour outside the city.)

Granted, I had one good date in there. But he has recently found my blog (oh, Google!), and I want to run details by him before I post them here.


It was Dad’s House who first pointed out — tipping his hat to Malcolm Gladwell‘s book Blink — that “the internet may be a useful tool for meeting random people, but chemistry is something felt, not thought about and articulated in check boxes and paragraphs of online prose.”

Re-reading Dad’s House post right now is very poignant. It was almost one year ago —  the day after Valentine’s Day, 2008 — that I discovered his blog. His post on online dating was the first I read. Wow.

My single mom friend Siobhan — who  gave me some of the best quotes in my book — still reminds me, “I have to smell a man! You can’t do that on a computer screen!”

Indeed, Dad’s House isn’t alone in his views about online dating.

But enough! I’m writing this blog post during the commercials for The Bachelor.

So, tell us, Dad’s House?

If The Bachelor asked you to be on the show, would you be game? We already know that you think these women are hot.

Should Dad’s House and I put ourselves into the running for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?


P.S. If you haven’t read Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly, she has written the best-ever review of The Bachelor that begins: 

The Bachelor: Tragic Single Dad Edition is, quite simply, the most dramatic Bachelor gimmick… ever. And there’s a lot of drama to cover, so let’s get started, shall we?….”

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