What do you think about non-Jews on JDate?

by singlemomseeking on January 7, 2009

Neither of the most recent men I’ve met on JDate — “The Leading Jewish Singles Network” — were Jews.

One man told me the truth in our first email, which I appreciated.

The other man waited half an hour into our coffee date to smile coyly and say, “I should tell you know that I’m not Jewish.”

The percentage of JDate’s 650,000 members identifying themselves as religiously “unaffiliated” is now 13% and rising, according to a feature in Nerve.com. JDate has even added the option of designating oneself “Willing to convert.”

I’d love to know what you think:

If non-Jews are posting their profiles on a Jewish dating site, are they are misleading everyone?

Seriously, how far can you stretch it online?

Both of these men explained to me they had many Jewish friends, who’d persuaded them to give JDate a try. (Or, maybe they think that Jewish women are hot in bed?)

Technically, I’m only a half-Jew anyway.

If an observant man ever contacted me — the kind of guy who goes observes the Sabbath — I would tell him the truth up front. (This hasn’t happened to me. I don’t think Conservative Jewish guys go after single moms, unless it’s for… oh, never mind.)

I like JDate because the majority of the guys I’ve met are educated, intelligent, well-read, and family-oriented.

Being Jewish is not a deal breaker for me.

But being honest and upfront — from the start — is crucial. Don’t you agree?


Photo of the Star of David, a symbol of Jewish identity

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Krissy April 25, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Well I think if one is wiling to convert and is honest, they should be allowed, but I don’t understand why people would lie. Not allowing non-Jews would just keep it open for people to lie, but that is the deal on any dating site, people lie about there income, show pictures of themselves younger and thinner. That is why you get to know a person first, make sure they are honest, use good judgment. I was not born Jewish, but I learned about the religion and am wiling to convert, as long as there are people wiling to pay and are wiling to convert, they are not taking away from anybody or ruining the dating site. That said, I dont know why somebody not wiling to convert would join. Your religion does have an impact on your lifestyle, depending on how serious one is about their religion, so yes many people on there are expecting to meet Jewish members, but you could filter out non Jewish members or just make sure they are wiling to convert. Remember, they are not taking away members who are Jewish, so its your choice to date anybody you want on there.


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