Ann Coulter. “It’s your fault, single moms”

by singlemomseeking on January 7, 2009

Update: This post just got picked up by the Los Angeles Times, if you want to read it there:

“Single mom lashes back at Ann Coulter, who loves it”

“Well, a few hours after that NBC broadcast, into our e-mail box plopped a stinging rebuttal to Coulter’s Theory on Single Parenting, which is that single moms, abetted by a cheering and enabling liberal media, are responsible for much of American society’s ills, especially crime and violence because there’s no male influence around to tame the younglings.

Her theory, perhaps not by accident we’re just saying, is especially provocative given the impending inauguration of a new president who was raised by a single mom and grandparents.

The rebutter here today is Rachel Sarah, identified as a single mom from the Bay Area, who contributes to a mothers website. And we decided to give her some space to respond….”

Single mom lashes back at Ann Coulter, who loves it”

(I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for Ann Coulter to tell me how much she “loves it”… where is she?)


Ann Coulter went on the “Today” show this morning, claiming the world’s problems can all be traced back to single mothers.

After watching the interview, I wrote anOpen Letter to Ann Coulter” at

While some readers see my point of view (thanks KitKat4Real and others!), quite a few readers agree with Ann Coulter.

“Obama-ite,” for example, writes:

I pity you. It is a shame you see the world through such simplistic eyes. It is a shame that you can’t even see beyond your own self absolution to realize that what Ann was talking about was the glorifying of single motherhood as if it were some sort of status to be achieved…Keep on telling it like it is, Ann!”

“Tom C.” adds:

“Well, Ann is right about the fact that most criminals are the product of single mother families. But I guess it’s worse that she bruised your ego than we do anything to help those kids.

What do YOU think?

Here’s what I say about Ann Coulter blaming us — single moms — for society’s problems.


Over at Singlemommyood today, Dr. Leah and I want to know why Ann Coulter claims that single mothers have launched “an endless attack on the nuclear family.”

We have a little talking to with Ms. Ann Coulter here.

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Janet June 26, 2009 at 1:46 pm

I just think she is a dumb, loud mouth bitch that has obvious low self esteem and basically just wants to hear herself talk, because no one with any intelligence is actually impressed with her.


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