I made a vision board

by singlemomseeking on December 29, 2008

Don’t worry. Although this post’s title might hint otherwise, I’m not going to ask you to write down your New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t believe in them.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the kind of woman who usually breaks resolutions. Imposing hard and fast rules on myself just doesn’t work for me (Is it the same for you? Welcome to the club!).

Instead, I believe in intention. As in, having a purpose.

During the holiday hustle, M and I took a break to do just that. I’m not what you call crafty, but I can manage a glue stick.

Every year at this time, she and I have sat down with old magazines to make “life vision” collages. It’s as simple as cutting out pictures to symbolize our hopes and dreams for the 2009.

Let’s just say that M’s collage is one big montage of candies and sweets. (Sigh.)

RJ Jaramillo, founder of SingleDad.com, is one serious guy when it comes to planning his life. Instead of making collages, he sits down with his kids to write “Life Plan worksheets.”

“If we discover what makes us ‘happy,’ we then have a direction, an action a feeling, or an event in our lives and minds that fosters motivation and inspiration with the rest of our daily activities,” says RJ.

“The first question is, ‘How do we capture our happiness?’ ”

I’ve tried to capture mine visually, through words and images — yes, that’s my collage, above.

Your turn: What makes you happy? (You know that I’m going to put this question to “T” when she visits!)

If you were going to make a life vision collage for 2009, what’s one image you’d include? C’mon now, just one.

If any of you make collages, send me the JPEGs, and I’ll post them here!

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