Single dad has my back on YouTube

by singlemomseeking on November 21, 2008

It was quite a build up, but at last I got to meet single dad, RJ — founder of — in the flesh.

At 7 a.m., my phone rang. It was RJ: his flight had been delayed. Fog in San Diego? Are you serious? Apparently so.

At the airport, I sat and re-read your very thoughtful, open questions about single parenting. I took notes about where RJ and I might start. Dating? Your ex? The holidays? Would we have time to talk about it all? I’d hoped so.

When RJ stepped off the plane, he was as cute and warm as I’d imagined. We laughed about the fact that we both had bags under our eyes. Then we hopped into my car. At home, however, my laptop wouldn’t boot up. It has been testy all week and I’d begged it to behave today. Oh no.

At first, I didn’t want to RJ near my computer. I’m very protective of this little machine, my lifeline. He insisted, I persisted. We hadn’t even known each other for an hour and we sounded like an old couple bickering.

But we both meant well, and the truth is: RJ fixed my computer (thank you!).

So, we spent a full eight hours taping videos for all of you. An hour before RJ’s departure, I asked him to give a shout out to the moms here at Single Mom Seeking. Tune into the video below:

In the video, I also explain how RJ “had my back” this evening.

As single parents, we all need someone to “have our back,” someone who will watch out for us as we walk ahead. When I took that first leap here, online as a blogging single mom, I wondered if I’d meet any single dads out there. Sure, I’d passed crossed with a few of them on and JDate… but we went our separate ways.

After three years blogging as a single mom, I’ve been searching for a single dad who might be crazy open enough to film some videos with me — hopefully, he’d also be dedicated, reliable, funny, successful.

Single moms, I’d love to know: is there a guy out there who might have your back?
I’m not talking about romantically. I’m talking about a real friend. I know that all of you are walking ahead with your eyes wide open, always “on.” I’d love to hear about one good guy friend who would come through for you —

Who’s watching out for you?

Photos this afternoon of yours truly, a.k.a., “Single Mom Seeking,” and RJ, a.k.a. “Single Dad“.

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OliverOli December 10, 2008 at 1:27 pm

I’m glad you both found each other and can share a lot in common. Being a single parent isn’t easy at all and I can say that your websites (I visit have helped me cope with a lot of issues. RJ’s a good person and wonderful role model. With all this said I wish you both the best and pray that your sites continue to touch people as it did me.


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