Who is Googling You?

by singlemomseeking on October 24, 2008

This business has paid a fee to be listed on Single Mom Seeking because their products and services are in-line with my philosophies and vision.


Do you ever think you’re being Googled by people?

Maybe your ex, your date, your future employer?

Well, there’s a new free service that can help you find out.

WikiWorldBook is a Global Address Book that enables you to find other people on the web with its innovative People Search engine. You can also be easily found by old friends and colleagues. Even more ingeniously, you can tell if someone has Googled you!

This is how WikiWorldBook works:

Fifty million times a day, people use Google to search for other people. When you register with WikiWorldBook, you create a unique profile and, when someone searches for your name, that profile appears high up in Google’s results.

This makes your profile a natural magnet for people wanting to find out more about you. When someone clicks on your profile, the website records their details and you are sent a “Search Alert” email.

You should be able to see the geographical location of the searcher, their IP address, what business or organization they are at (if that’s where they are based), the actual search engine and the keywords used to find you.

The primary purpose of the website is in fact so that members can be easily found and then contacted by old friends and colleagues via the website’s messaging system. The member’s own email contact details are hidden, so they don’t risk them being seen by spammers and the spam-free messages are forwarded to the member by email. People sending messages don’t have to be registered, so it’s easy for old friends and colleagues to get in touch again.

Here’s what I really like about this company: If someone has the right to search for your personal details on the web, then maybe you have the right to know that they are looking.

WikiWorldBook makes this possible. Sign up today! It’s free!

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Paula October 26, 2008 at 2:11 am

That’s unbelievably cool. How do they do that?!


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