When your blog intersects with real life

by singlemomseeking on October 23, 2008

I know it has happened to many of you: you’ve “met” a blogger online, and then realize that you live in the same neck of the woods.

So, why not meet for real, in the flesh?

Has it happened to you?

That’s how I met Jim, a.k.a. Depot Dad.

He started to read my blog this year. By email, we realized that we live just an hour away from each other.

So, one evening — without telling me, sneaky! — he showed up a friend’s book reading. He explained: he’d read on my blog that I might be there. (Guys, I do NOT suggest doing this. If it hadn’t been Jim, I would have been creeped out.)

Jim and I have gone to a few book readings since then — where Jim has flirted away with my friends. (Hey, can’t I take you anywhere?)

He is a big flirt, and I mean that as the best compliment.

But no one knew that a few months into our friendship, Jim would be diagnosed with skin cancer. And that it would have traveled to his lymph nodes.


Last weekend, after Jim got back from the hospital, I made some food; then, M and I got into the car to go meet him and his kids, with dinner.

On the way there, I explained to M that Jim just had surgery — and now he has a kind of a hole in his head. I wanted to tell her because I thought she might be nervous when she saw him. But she seemed fascinated.

“How did they make a hole in his head without hurting his brain?” she wanted to know.

“The doctors were very careful,” I tried to explain.

As it turns out, Jim’s friend had just finished shaving his head when we arrived. When M saw Jim, she was unfazed.

Jim is a well-meaning, kind, soft-spoken dad — with such sweet kids! — and that’s whom M saw. (Me, too!)

Please, if you haven’t said “hi” to Depot Dad yet, drop by. He’s one strong trooper, and he’s going to be fine. (More than fine.) You’ll see what I mean.

I’m curious: have you ever “met” anyone online AND… offline?

I know that A Bright Future, The Exception, and Crazy Computer Dad — met through blogging (through this very blog, I think?). They had a real life adventure this month.

I’d love to know:

Have you ever befriended a blogger on online… and then met him/her in person?

We all form ideas about what blogger is like, based on his/her posts.

But what is he/she like in reality?

If you’ve met a blogger in the flesh, were you surprised?


The most common thing people tell me when I meet them in person is: “I thought you’d be taller!” (Do I come across that BIG in my blog. Jeesh. I hope I don’t have a big ego, like another blogger out there, no names mentioned! Just teasing A!)

Photo taken last weekend with Jim, me, and the kids. We were in the Halloween section at a candy store, making scary faces. Jim wins!

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