Going to a wedding

by singlemomseeking on October 26, 2008

The last time I was invited to a wedding, I didn’t go.

No, I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself. (Although, believe me, I’ve been to more than one wedding in that state of mind!)

This was a friend’s kid-free wedding, eight hours away. I got overwhelmed by the hassle of finding childcare for the weekend. Also, in my book, a wedding is all about family and kids (even if I did understand that my friend’s kid-free policy was a financial decision.)

Have you been to a wedding as a single parent?

Did you have fun? Did you bring a date? Or, did you go alone?

One single dad I know was surprised about how he felt during a wedding he’d been invited to: hopeful.

RJ Jaramillo — the single dad of three kids, whom I also met through my site — made a video all about it.

He says that he was surprised he got through the ceremony without feeling cynical or sad.

“I watched the whole ceremony with hope,” RJ, founder of SingleDad.com, says. “There is hope.”

Instead of feeling distraught, RJ realized that “you fall down, you dust yourself off, and then you start all over again.”

You might know RJ already, since he’s a You Tube master!

You can watch RJ talk about the recent wedding here:

Have you ever gone to a wedding as a single parent? Let’s hear about it.

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