Single Dad Seeking advice… and more

by singlemomseeking on September 24, 2008

Do you remember the single dad who was seeking advice this summer about the single mom whom he’d fallen for?

He wanted a relationship. But this single mom was very clear when he asked, “So, are we a couple?”

She just laughed and said ‘We are just friends with benefits.”

So, he visited the blog and asked: “Should I hang on and hope that things will turn around?

You, my dear readers, answered.

Blue Bella, for example, said:

“If at all possible try to remain friends if you can. . . but don’t be afraid to move on. There is a woman out there who’s ready to fall in love with you – when you’re available!”

(Side note here: Blue Bella had early contractions this week and is on bed rest in the hospital. Send her good vibes!)

Anyway, Joseph took all of your advice to heart. He just emailed me:

“Hello Rachel,

I  just wanted to thank you for the insight that I received from your readers.

I have moved on from the current quasi-relationship of being friends with benefits.

By the way, we are still good friends, just now without the benefits.”

Then, he went on to say:

Quite by accident I happened to be in a park with my kids and started talking to this woman. It was weird how we just connected with each other.

She’s a single mom, and I asked for her number……well, now we are seeing each other. It is an awesome experience to be truly with someone. We can talk about anything and everything. Hell she even made me breakfast in bed…no one has ever done that for me, ever!!”

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm inside?

Speaking of getting teary-eyed, if you want to read the most heartwarming post of the week

check out Depot Dad.


Some days, my head is spinning with anecdotes, hearsay, and even deep thoughts. So, I’ll keep going.

If you’re single in L.A. and want to join the newest, savviest singles’ scene, go here: Singular City.

For single parents of teens, there’s a great piece in the premiere issue of Singular magazine by Casey Green about Dating: Is your teenager watching you?


Lastly, do you have any updates? Let’s hear ’em!

  • Does anyone have some hot dating news?
  • Did anyone get a new pet?
  • Is anyone going pumpkin picking this weekend?
  • How about your favorite blog post of the week?

Photo from cover of Singular magazine

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