Must Love Kids: The finale

by singlemomseeking on September 21, 2008

Update: The finale photos for you from the Must Love Kids crew. I’ve titled them, “Kristin and the Boys.” See why?

Here’s Kristin Eaton with Luke Himebaugh, Phillip Price, David Silver.

Did you catch the last episode of TLC’s single parent reality dating show — “Must Love Kids“? In case you missed it, or want to add your two cents, go for it!

What I most appreciated about this show was the fact that these three moms seemed so real. Their homes looked like mine, messes and all. They got frazzled and tired — like me.

Vanessa, mom of two, had two great guy-choices. First, there was Michael, who seemed very considerate about the fact that Vanessa’s son was so cautious around him. Gabriel has experienced his father leaving him — and trying to come back, so the caution was understandable.

And there was Paul, single dad of one daughter. Paul won me over a while back by being incredibly mature. Vanessa’s ex had shown up at her apartment — unannounced — during their date, and Paul had calmly waited for him to leave. Vanessa and her ex have had an on-again, off-again relationship and hopefully she has broken that cycle.

In the end, Vanessa choice Michael. (Vanessa, if you want to chime in here about how everything is going, let’s hear it!)

Tracy, mom of wild child Paris, needed to choose between Eric and Mark. In the end, she decided that she’s not ready for a relationship. Instead, she made it clear that she needs to focus on parenting. Bravo.

Note: I have gotten many comments from you about the parenting support that Tracy clearly needs. While I agree that she really need to work on boundaries, I haven’t published the most spiteful remarks. I don’t think that lashing out will help Tracy in the long run. Do you?

Single-mom-of-three Kristin had to choose between Chris and Luke. Although Luke’s daughters hit it off so well  with Kristin’s kids, the on-screen chemistry seemed to fizzle out. Fortunately, they’ve remained friends, according to Luke’s recent Facebook comment. He says “not to worry all of you Must Love Kids fans, SHE is one of my very best friends now, it all worked out for the best!”

About Chris: I felt like there was something ____ about him! What is it? But clearly Kristin seemed like she was under a lot of pressure to choose, and in the the end, she rode the horse drawn carriage with Chris. Will it last?

Many of you have asked for updates about these moms and their suitors. Now that the show is over, let’s hear from you! TLC had a very strict don’t-talk policy with these single moms and their suitors: I had to get the “okay” with the authorities to write about the show here.

But now it’s time to talk!

Kristin and I have chatted on the phone — off the record, before the final episode aired — but I hope to get the real scoop about everyone soon

If you watched “Must Love Kids” and want to chime in, please do!

In reality, do you think that these “reality TV” relationships — like Kristin and Chris — have any real potential of lasting?

Photo of Vanessa, Kristin, and Tracy from TLC

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