Contest: Let’s hear your funniest condom story

by singlemomseeking on September 26, 2008

Recently, a woman named Rachael — spelled with an extra “a” — contacted me to talk about condoms. (Believe me, I never imagined myself as a woman who would talk so much about condoms with strangers.)

When she told me the name of her company, I was hooked: “Just in Case.”

How brilliant is that?

And get this: Just in Case was actually the idea of Rachael’s mom. Her mom — Marsha Bartenetti, who was a single mom for a long stretch —invited Carl Djerassi to dinner one night because they were neighbors in California. (In case you didn’t know, Dr. Djerassi is responsible for having developed the Pill. I actually listened to an interview with him today on NPR about his new play, Taboos.)

So, over dinner, Dr. Djerassi told Marsha the condom was an excellent means for contraception but had a bad image. Maybe Marsha could do something to change that?

She did.

In 1982, Marsha came up with the condom case compact for women. “My idea was before its time,” she says. “AIDS, STD’s and unplanned pregnancies were not in the pulse of our social structure as they are today.”

In the meantime, her daughter, Rachael, began working in the cosmetic industry. Years down the road, they decided to join forces. Their motto? Love Well. Love Wisely.™

Really, the compact is stunning. (When Rachael sent me a sample compact, my kid promptly snatched it.) It looks just like a makeup compact, but it has a secret compartment for two condoms. You can be chic and discreet and if someone rifles through your purse.

Moreover, Just in Case has partnered with YouthAIDS — this is a good company indeed.


So, here’s the contest: Tell us your funniest condom story.

Just in Case is giving away one case to a woman and one to a man (if it’s too feminine for you, give it to the woman you’re dating…)

Here’s an example:

Do you remember the Sex and the City moment when Carrie was on her way to meet Mr. Big for the first time? She tripped and spilled her purse on the sidewalk and out come those pesky condoms!

And here’s a real story from Just in Case founder herself, Rachael Sudul:

“I met my now husband at a bar and took a taxi home that evening together. He had to stop at the late night drugstore for a ‘bottle of water,’ wink, wink.

While I waited in the cab, I thought about telling the driver to just take me home. Lucky for both of us, I listened to my gut. We had a great ‘safe’ night, and I did the ultimate walk of shame the next morning at work. I was wearing the same clothes, no makeup, and wet hair. I was 45 minutes late, straight out of the shower.

Luckily I worked in the cosmetics dept at Saks so I had a great makeup artist to give me a little help! The rest is history…”


For those of you who are too shy to write a story but have to have a compact, you can use the code LOVEWELL for a 10% discount on your order… Go to:

Go for it. I’ll keep this contest open for the week.

P.S. My story is here.

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