Contest: Let’s hear your funniest condom story

by singlemomseeking on September 26, 2008

Recently, a woman named Rachael — spelled with an extra “a” — contacted me to talk about condoms. (Believe me, I never imagined myself as a woman who would talk so much about condoms with strangers.)

When she told me the name of her company, I was hooked: “Just in Case.”

How brilliant is that?

And get this: Just in Case was actually the idea of Rachael’s mom. Her mom — Marsha Bartenetti, who was a single mom for a long stretch —invited Carl Djerassi to dinner one night because they were neighbors in California. (In case you didn’t know, Dr. Djerassi is responsible for having developed the Pill. I actually listened to an interview with him today on NPR about his new play, Taboos.)

So, over dinner, Dr. Djerassi told Marsha the condom was an excellent means for contraception but had a bad image. Maybe Marsha could do something to change that?

She did.

In 1982, Marsha came up with the condom case compact for women. “My idea was before its time,” she says. “AIDS, STD’s and unplanned pregnancies were not in the pulse of our social structure as they are today.”

In the meantime, her daughter, Rachael, began working in the cosmetic industry. Years down the road, they decided to join forces. Their motto? Love Well. Love Wisely.™

Really, the compact is stunning. (When Rachael sent me a sample compact, my kid promptly snatched it.) It looks just like a makeup compact, but it has a secret compartment for two condoms. You can be chic and discreet and if someone rifles through your purse.

Moreover, Just in Case has partnered with YouthAIDS — this is a good company indeed.


So, here’s the contest: Tell us your funniest condom story.

Just in Case is giving away one case to a woman and one to a man (if it’s too feminine for you, give it to the woman you’re dating…)

Here’s an example:

Do you remember the Sex and the City moment when Carrie was on her way to meet Mr. Big for the first time? She tripped and spilled her purse on the sidewalk and out come those pesky condoms!

And here’s a real story from Just in Case founder herself, Rachael Sudul:

“I met my now husband at a bar and took a taxi home that evening together. He had to stop at the late night drugstore for a ‘bottle of water,’ wink, wink.

While I waited in the cab, I thought about telling the driver to just take me home. Lucky for both of us, I listened to my gut. We had a great ‘safe’ night, and I did the ultimate walk of shame the next morning at work. I was wearing the same clothes, no makeup, and wet hair. I was 45 minutes late, straight out of the shower.

Luckily I worked in the cosmetics dept at Saks so I had a great makeup artist to give me a little help! The rest is history…”


For those of you who are too shy to write a story but have to have a compact, you can use the code LOVEWELL for a 10% discount on your order… Go to:

Go for it. I’ll keep this contest open for the week.

P.S. My story is here.

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singlemomseeking September 29, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Amanda, that story practically had Rachael and me on the floor… hilarious!!


Rachael Sudul September 29, 2008 at 2:04 pm

What a great response so far!!
You are right on… NEVER keep your condoms in your glove box!!! Condoms need to be stored at room temp… your glove box can get up to a staggering 115 degrees during the summer… and beyond if you’re living in Arizona etc
Keep them in your house, or protected in your purse in your Just In Case compact! 🙂
There is a practical side to the product… not only is the temperature an issue, but if they are exposed in your purse, you run the risk of damaging them by a rogue pen or bobby pin.
Wallets are awful too since they can crush the latex and compromise the integrity as well… be good to your condoms and they will be good to you!


Amanda September 29, 2008 at 10:57 am

As a parent you know that nothing in your house is safe from little hands. I had attended a bachelorette party and one of the giveaways of the night was a pouch of fun colored condoms. When I got home I tucked them in a drawer and forgot about them. A few weeks later as I was cooking dinner my daughters were outside playing in water and one came in and asked can we play with water balloons and I said sure. Well as I went outside to clean them up for dinner. My then 6 year old daughter was standing at the spicket filling up a bright pink condom with water. Yes, there it was. She turned to me and said “These are the biggest water balloons you have ever bought! Thanks Mom!”

There you go.


singlemomseeking September 29, 2008 at 10:18 am

Hey guys, re: Condoms in the Car… this is dangerous!

Heat decomposes latex. When the latex gets too hot, it can increase the chances of the condom breaking.

Dads House and Lance, I happen to know that both of you live in parts of the country where you cars heat up.


I understand that storing them in your wallet can also be tricky.

Where do the rest of you store your condoms when you’re on the run?


Lance September 29, 2008 at 10:11 am

I too keep condoms in my car…it’s absolutely required, and I think it’s a bit classier than carrying them in your pocket on a first date. What I do is store two of them in an empty Altoids tin in the bottom of my arm rest storage compartment. I cover it with a bunch of stuff, and then I have another full tin of Altoids at the very top to discourage digging around. Also, I’m always kinda surprised when I hear that women don’t have condoms at their houses. You always want to be prepared!

Lance’s last blog post…Calling All Bloggers! Let’s Talk Virgins!


dadshouse September 29, 2008 at 9:23 am

Friends set me up with a woman, and when we went on our first date, she let me pick her up and drive her to a bar for drinks.

We’re in the car for two minutes when she says “you’re not one of those players who keeps a supply of condoms in his glovebox, because he expects to get laid with every new woman he dates, are you?”

Um, no. I’m not a player, and I don’t expect to get laid on every date. But it does sometimes happen, so I do keep condoms in my glovebox. How the heck do I explain all that?

Before I can say a peep, she opens my glovebox and rifles through it. I have no idea how she didn’t find the two condoms there! But she closed the glovebox, and sat back in the passenger seat.

“Now I can relax,” she said.

We had a great date. It ended on her couch. And the rest, dear reader, is best left unsaid…

dadshouse’s last blog post…Lentil Pasta Recipe – Dream Woman Favorite


laurakim September 28, 2008 at 6:16 am

I actually dedicated a whole entry a few weeks ago JUST to condoms 😉

So I just took this story from there

“Then Mommas Boy and I were en route to a night of passion when he announces “We need condoms”! WHAT!!!!! ARGH!!! So I had to stop at the nearest petrol station so HE could go and buy. I parked as far out of sight as was humanely possible but considering all the parkings were along the shop window I failed dismally! Just as the parking lot suddenly fulls up I notice Mommas Boy trying to get my attention through the glass – he is squashed against the window holding up 2 packs of condoms – WHICH ONE I see him mouth to me – ribbed or normal! I did for a moment consider leaving him there and moving provinces! As I turned a very bright crimson the car full of girls next to me gave me the thumbs up!!!”

Then there was the guy who asked me HOW to put it on – I really dont think it needs elaboration!

laurakim’s last blog post…Weekly Winners


SDMktg September 27, 2008 at 10:08 pm

Note to self…empty bathroom trash. I tend to do the exact same thing. I dread the day when my kids who are now in first grade learn what those are.

I actually had a somewhat funny experience with my girlfriend a while back. We were bar hopping downtown and went into the Hustler store on a whim. She got some clothes and I asked the girl at the register which condoms she recommended as being the most sensitive.

She recommended a brand called Kimono. We bought a box and went on our way. After making a few more stops at a various clubs we headed home. When it came time to use the recommended condoms it only unrolled halfway down and stopped. We even got out another one to make sure it wasn’t just stuck or something. Nowhere on the box does it say “extra small”. My girlfriend was pretty steamed that the clerk had recommended this brand. We had to go to the store the next day for a box of lifestyles. We still joke about the kimonos.

SDMktg’s last blog post…NFL Week 3 Tailgating Menu – Tri Tip Sandwiches with Grilled Onions and Peppers


singlemomseeking September 27, 2008 at 7:40 pm

Andrea, you should see me sitting here, laughing… I bet those other couples were insanely jealous.


Andrea September 27, 2008 at 1:12 pm

This one was NOT funny to me, more like humiliating, but here goes…

We keep the condoms in my husband’s nightstand, yep we are totally unoriginal. Well, he tends to rip them open and throw the empty wrapper back in the drawer. So, once every couple months I clean out the drawer throwing all the wrappers away and taking inventory of what is left.

One month I decided just to toss the two handfuls of empty wrappers into the waste bin in our master bath. Later that evening we had family and friends over. Our main bath was under construction and our baby gated dogs were blocking the guest bathroom, so everyone was using our master bath.

Yep, I didn’t even realize they were using that bathroom, nor did I remember that there were 20 condom wrappers sitting in plain view at the top of the waste bin. They must have thought we are sex maniacs with all those wrappers. No one said a word, but that later that evening when I went into the bathroom and realized they had all been in there I was mortified.

Andrea’s last blog post…Lost & Found


singlemomseeking September 27, 2008 at 8:56 am

Very bold Cameron… and hilarious!


Cameron September 27, 2008 at 1:13 am

I went to a progressive high school in San Francisco, and freshman year we had a very comprehensive sex ed class. The counseling room featured a bowl of flavored condoms, in brightly colored packages. My best friend was having a secret make-out-behind-the-shop-building affair with a senior, and one day she forgot to brush her teeth in the morning. We came up with the plan of sucking on a mint-flavored condom before meeting the guy- brilliant! She stealthily crept to the condom bowl, unseen by the guidance counselor, grabbed a green-packaged condom, and dashed out, mission complete! We huddled in a corner of the hallway, giggling, and she opened the condom (neither of us had ever actually handled one before), unrolled it and put the end in her mouth- just as our 70 year physics teacher rounded the corner. She stopped for a moment, surprised, then cracked up and said “They taste like rubber no matter what.”

We were mortified as only freshman girls can be, and on top of that, the green-packaged condom turned out to be watermelon, not mint.

Cameron’s last blog post…hurray online polls


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