Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it

by singlemomseeking on August 10, 2008

So, there I was at the BlogHer Newbie soirée, when I found myself sharing appetizers with a gorgeous woman named Tomima Edmark.

Thirty seconds into our conversation, she said: “I’m a single mom, too!”

Actually, Tomima (whose Scottish name rhymes with “Jemima” but with a “T”) is so much more: she runs two successful companies–  HerRoom.com and HisRoom.com. So, I got Tomima’s card and promised to catch up post-BlogHer.

“After having a child, I was wearing those granny panties,” Tomima says. “Women often dumb down their fashion when they’re pregnant, and they have to pull themselves out of it after having a child.”

The same could be true after going through a divorce, or a disappointing break up. Those frumpy panties certainly can’t make you feel better.

Unfortunately, even years after their divorce or split, many women are still wearing granny underwear. On the one hand, it’s understandable: fancy new panties are pricey!

But Tomima says that sexy underwear doesn’t have to be expensive. “Besides, if you’re on the dating scene, you have to be ready,” she adds.

She shares a trick she learned from Tyra Banks: “I always wear high cut briefs. Tyra said, the skimpier the bathing suit, the skinnier you look. The same is true for panties.”

Tomima also explains the basics of women’s sizes: “A small is a size 5, a medium is size 6, and a large is a size 7. When you get panties that are too large, they’ll get loose and creep up.”

And thongs? “No one wants to wear a thong all day. A thong is good for a night time date, so you feel sexy.”

How about Tomima’s favorite brand for men? The number one designer brand 2xist.

“Men often get stuck in a rut of buying those three packs of white underwear from Walmart,” says Tomima. “But they need to upgrade, too! Please, no more $6 Hanes underwear. And guys should steer clear of of white. They look like goobers when they finally get their magic moment. Men, buy black or gray. Black also makes you look thinner.”

Here’s the contest. Tomima has offered to give away one free pair of women’s and men’s underwear to one single mom and one single dad.

Tell us: What is your favorite brand of underwear… and why? Don’t be shy.

Personally, my favorite style is the boyshort panties, like LuLus.

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Cameron February 9, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I love herroom.com!

My bf wanted me to start wearing bras and panties and they were totally professional in helping me. (at a couple local stores the associates acted like I had a disease or something being gay).

I love the Valmont Bra and Panty set they have. Sooooo comfy! (most of the time I forget I am wearing the bra).


perino February 25, 2009 at 2:09 pm

ok..here is my opinion from a man’s point of view…I never wear cotton undies and women should never wear cotton panties..I like anything nylon or microfiber.i like bikinis or boxer briefs cause I need a home for my boys..cotton boxers are UGLY and not sexy and uncomfortable..you gals are so lucky because you have so much to choose from..we men have to suffer in silence


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