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by singlemomseeking on July 28, 2008

Readers, please meet David, one of Kristin’s six male “suitors” on the new reality show Must Love Kids.

I was thrilled when 44-year-old David — who’s the single dad of two sons, 6 and 8 — agreed to a telephone interview from his home in southern California. The producers of Must Love Kids had found the very cute and kind David through his MySpace page, and cast him!

On Must Love Kids, there are three single moms — and each mom gets to meet six potential “suitors,” whom gone through extensive background checks to be on the show. (I was surprised about how many men chosen seem to have hold governmental positions. Hmmm…) The moms are filmed at home with their kids, getting ready for school and having dinner, which makes the show very real.

David — who owns a landscape business — seems to have an ideal relationship with his ex-wife. “We have a great co-parenting relationship,” David says. “From day one, we’ve kept the focus on the kids. She’s a great mom, and she has been remarried for four years.”

Prior to the show, David had tried several online dating sites, including Match.com. On Must Love Kids, Kristin, 33, stood out. She’s the sweet mom of three kids (8, 6, and 3) and a patent agent.

“I really appreciated the parenting style Kristin showed and found her to be a positive role model,” David says, adding that he can’t “say too much due to the very restrictive legal guidelines presented to us until the series ends.”

Disclaimer: I admit that Kristin is my favorite on the show, too. She’s very real with her kids, she can laugh at herself. (It’s not clear where her ex is…)

David admits that dating on a reality show isn’t exactly real:

“In the natural course of dating, you might go out, and then chat in between dates. On reality TV, you have your date, and then there’s no interaction until the next filming. I just took it for what it was.”

He adds that “all of the dialogue is very real. Nothing is scripted. But of course, there’s a natural tendency to be restricted with a camera in your face.”

When I mention that at end of the second episode, as he hugged Kristin, she seems to tower over him, he says, “I was the shortest guy in my group for sure. Perhaps my height does limit me with some women, but there are plenty of quality women out there who do not care.”

“I am who I am and that’s just the way it is,” says David. “At least I have charm, intelligence, good looks, good attitude and great friends and family.”

What do other single parents have to say about Must Love Kids?

Jennifer Wolf at About.com gives Must Love Kids a thumbs up.

Unlike David, however, Just a Man’s Journey thinks that Kirstin “is just too quirky” for him.

Oh, and did I mention that she lives with her mom, too? Just a Man’s Journey says, “Ugh.”

If you’ve watched the first two episodes, do you have a favorite mom on the show? Single dads, which mom would you go out with? Single moms, which suitor would you date?

Even if you haven’t watched the show, I’d love to know if you’d consider going on Must Love Kids? They might film a second season. (Hey, they do background checks on the all the guys!) Would you be game?

Top photo of David with his boys. Isn’t he hot?

Second photo of Kristin

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