How to pick up a man. Any advice?

by singlemomseeking on July 24, 2008

On the way back from the beach this weekend, my Latina single mom friend and I talked in hushed whispers about meeting men, as our girls played with their American Girls in the backseat. (We turned up Disney Channel by the way.)

Neither of is going back online this summer. I’ve given JDate a good hard try more than once. She has had her fill of eHarmony.

“I’ve started to shop at the Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood,” she confessed.


“The men are cuter there.”

“They are?”

We talked about how important it is to turn down a different path once in a while, even if it means shopping in another ‘hood. As Dad’s House explains today, meeting strangers when you’re the single parent of older kids has its challenges. While you might have more alone time, what happens when you spot a hot stranger, and your kids are in the distance? “Hitting on someone cold can be awkward,” Dad’s House says.

Neither my girlfriend or I would flirt with a man in the check-out line if our girls were there. But what if we’re alone?

I dared my friend to smile at the next cute guy she sees at Trader Joe’s. But then I stopped myself.

“Let’s say that you see that he doesn’t have a wedding ring, and then you smile–”

“Make sure there’s no white band around his finger, either, because guys take their rings off,” she interrupted.

“Okay, what then?” I asked. “You look into his cart and say, ‘Nice watermelon?‘ ”

Seriously: Have you taken another path this week? Have you gone off your usual, daily route?

Have you done something bold, and out-of-the-ordinary, like talk to a cute stranger without a wedding band?

Photo from Synthetic D.

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