How I got hooked on kickboxing

by singlemomseeking on July 25, 2008

About six months ago, the same vivacious single mom friend I mentioned yesterday told me, “Let’s take a kickboxing class.”

I thought she was joking.

She knew that I was the kind of woman who does yoga. Or goes on walks through the woods. I’d never really worked out before. And I’d certainly never joined a sweaty group of aerobic kickboxers, who jabbed in front of a mirror.

But she worked on me until I finally agreed to work out. Our girls could go to childcare together (free with our memberships!), and while we kickboxed, they would swim.

I told her that I’d give it a try. Once.

Those first two weeks, I could barely keep up. I was so sore when I got out of bed. But now I’m hooked. I’ve been kickboxing three nights a week since then.

I have a whole new vocabulary now: upper cuts, jabs, kicks. I sweat. What I do is probably closer to “Turbo Kick” or “Cardio Kickboxing” It’s a mix of aerobics with martial arts with hip-hop. I don’t wear gloves.

I don’t have headaches anymore, either. That pain in my neck — from working at the computer — is gone. And I’m a calmer parent (while I’m not sure if M would agree, but I’ve noticed.) Oh, and did I mention how fun it is?

Do you exercise? What do you do to keep your heart rate up?

C’mon now, Crazy Computer Dad, are you going to be first in line here? Pour it on– Or how about you Kevin of 5Ks and Cabernets? (I’ve secretly named you Mr. Marathon.)

As a single parent, taking care of yourself is crucial: not only for your health, but for your sanity. Even if it’s a walk around the block after dinner with your kids, we all need to move.

I want to hear from at least 30 of you today. Exercise? Let’s hear it.

Oh, before you tell me that kickboxing is a great place to meet men, let me say: the few guys who’ve come to the class… have left dripping in sweat, and have not come back! What’s up with that?

P.S. If you’re not exercising regularly, let us know one little cardio activity you plan to do in the next week.

Tori Spelling is a kickboxer. Photo from

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Melifera March 30, 2009 at 7:36 am

I take muay thai at a great gym here in NY… So much fun, and what an amazing workout! We do wear gloves, which is empowering. I beat the crap out of the bag, and get to trade punches and kicks with other people (in a safe environment). Keep it up!

Melifera´s last blog post…Spring fever and my brand-spanking new rose-colored glasses.


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