Am I a bad mama for taking my kid to Baby Mama?

by singlemomseeking on April 29, 2008

baby-mama.jpgI belong to that parenting faction that believes kids grow up too fast. Although M has watched her fair share of Hannah Montana, I do try to draw the line. Once a month, my mother-daughter splurge is going to the movies — often a matinée and always a kid flick.

After eight years of seeing “G” and “PG,” however, I’ve had my fill. No more Disney cartoons, please. Sometimes, I’m a tad jealous of how open-minded my single mom friend, Desiree, is. Des is an English teacher — and a movie buff who watches PG-13 movies with her 7-year-old. There’s an open door, and her daughter knows she can ask anything.

So, last Friday, when I asked Des to join us at the movies, she said, “Baby Mama comes out that day.” I really wanted to see this movie, in which a successful and single businesswoman (Tina Fey), 37, is determined to have a kid on her own. Along the way, she discovers that there are “two kinds of family: the one you’re born to and the one you make.”

I hadn’t even thought about the irony until the film started. Des, too, was in a relationship in her mid-20s, but soon after having her baby, her boyfriend decided to walk the other way. Neither of our girls knows their fathers, and both of them have recently asked something to the tune of: “If I don’t have a daddy, how did you make me?”

M whispered a couple of questions to me during the film (she wanted to know what was in Tina Fey’s thermos from the sperm bank). And on the way home, she asked me how one of her classmates — who has two moms — was born. We had a great chat. Thanks Des!

Update: Desiree wrote to me after reading this blog to suggest that I add something about WHY we took the kids to an adult movieash-and-m instead of a kiddie movie? We also need to have our fun too!

She adds: “I’ve never catered TOO much to Ashley and as a result, Ashley is a flexible kid.”

Have any of you seen Baby Mama — with or without your kid?

If you have a child under age 13, do you ever let him/her watch PG-13 movies?

Photos of Baby Mama…and our girls trying on lip gloss near the movie theater

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