What you don’t know about me

by singlemomseeking on March 27, 2008

rachel-zoo.JPG1. I sometimes wonder if we’re all a little autistic. Don’t you?

2. I’m fluent in Spanish. This week, I was proud of negotiating the purchase of two new tires for my car, in Spanish.

3. I love reading blogs, but not ones that scream ME-ME-ME. One a recent work date with the Biologist, we recalled that you used to go to a cafe and say “hello” to the human being next to you. Everyone in the coffee shop — including us — was behind laptops.* I wonder what has happened to relating? Do you?

3. My kid said to me this morning: “You have to work on your tone of voice with me.”

4. At this moment, I have to get back to editing Academic Vocabulary for a sixth-grade textbook.

5. I took my second-ever kickboxing class last night, thanks to a single mom friend who convinced me to join her. Our kids played together in childcare. I’m sore.

Your turn… What don’t I know about you?

Tell me. I want to learn more about you, my readers. I do.

*P.S. In order to be completely accurate, I’ll add that it was a single mom who made this observation re: the modern day lack of relating. The cafe was really crowded and this mom — whom I’d met once — said that we could share her table. Thanks!

Photo taken by M at the Central Park Zoo.

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C H April 1, 2008 at 9:04 am

Dear Rachel,

You asked. So I’m throwing out my “stuff” to your universe…

1. The last foreign film my kids and I watched together was “Une Pure Formalitie”. Great movie to rent! The subtitles were the best part…stop…rewind…stop…rewind…make more popcorn…stop…pee break… 8-)P

2. I miss my original family and the way we’d all laugh and play together. I even miss the
disagreements (sometimes). Oh, well, another chapter opens. Things are getting “better”.

3. I played guitar professionally when I was a teenager and taught in a local music store. Still
play a little. I’m giving my daughter lessons now.

4. I can play pool one-handed without resting the cue on the bridge or on the pool table. I’ve
even won money playing eight- and nine-ball one-handed against good players. Some of my friends suggested that I put up a video on YouTube.

5. When I was a senior in high school my math teacher chose me to be his assistant while he was working on his doctorate in astrophysics. I learned how to open the observatory dome and adjust a giant 2.1 meter telescope. It was so cool! I ended up majoring in astrophysics in college soon after. Now I’m a network engineer. What the heck happened? 8-)P

6. I played rugby in college as a lock. The day before a big game I accidentally threw my red wool hiking socks into the wash with my white rugby uniform. Ooops. I have a pic somewhere of the only pink player in the league! I’m much better with my laundry now so no worries. I haven’t been hiking in forever. Does shopping at the mall count?

7. I worked underwater for a while after college. I even did some hard-hat diving. If you’re not sure what hard-hat diving is just look for that little Diver Dan dude standing at the bottom of someone’s fish tank. 8-)P

8. I was a police officer. I’ve been stabbed, beaten with a two-by-four and a vacuum cleaner, shot at, and dragged by a car while hanging out of the driver’s side window. Someone tried to do me with an axe and a barbed hunting arrow once — what, you think it’s all about car chases, writing tickets, and scarfing donuts? 8-)P I have some scars, but all my parts are here and work fine. Wore an earring for a while for some special work. No tattoos. Amazing memories!

9. Some of my favorite older movies: any “Road Picture”; “Captain Blood” ; “The Hound of the Baskervilles”; “The Day the Earth Stood Still”; “Earth Girls are Easy”; “The Professional”, “Thelma and Louise”, “Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Blade”, “Bring it On”, “Blade Runner”; “Sling Blade”; “Blood Simple”; “Fargo”; “Terminator”; “She’s All That”; “Freaky Friday”; “Forrest Gump”; “Winnie the Pooh and The Blustery Day”; most Disney flicks…ad infinitum.

10. I like intense workouts Crossfit style! It’s not unusual to find us all on the ground sweating buckets and grimacing a bit. This is the workout before Krav Maga and Kenpo — both full contact.

11. I dream in color and keep a ramshackle journal of some dreams and ideas that I create. Funky stuff sometimes.

12. I’m reading “Eyewitness to History” right now. Incredible anecdotal accounts covering
important figures and events in world history. Just started “Dinner with Attila the Hun”.

13. Facial hair is hard to grow even though I water it most everyday. So I won’t shave my goatee.

14. I am not politically correct. I don’t mind if you are.

15. I drink milk occasionally but only if it’s in a dirty glass 8-)P. (Thanks, Bob!)

16. I drink coffee sometimes — good coffee, black with room for half-and-half and a phat pinch of real sugar!

17. I still speak Spanish but it’s a degraded dialect called “pocho” — border Spanish. It’s not pretty. I was completely fluent in German and Italian. Some Russian and Farsi.

18. What people think about me is none of my business. I have enough on my plate as it is. Unless I have spinach hanging off of my tooth.

19. I’m polite and respectful to everyone. But I can get crunchy, especially if I go without
eating for too long during the day. Make sure you bring a snack if you’re going to hang with me. Grrrrr…hint: I like cream cheese and green olive sandwiches!

20. I’ve been called meshuga when I was a kid.

21. I like driving my lifted 4×4 truck! She’s garaged because gas prices stink right now.

22. I open doors for women and stand when they enter a room or my office. There’s never a wrong time to be a gentleman my parents say. I’ve always opened doors for my wife and daughter. I’ve taught my boys to do the same.

23. Sometimes I fantasize that I can be one of those bad boys who get all the dates. These are the guys who so many women date then lament that no good guys are left. But it’s just not in me. And I don’t want to contribute to that dark karma.

24. I volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity.

25. I listen to most every kind of music from Andrea Bocelli to Motley Crue to Carrie Underwood to Joe Satriani to Shakira to Sting to Flogging Molly. Some ethnic and tribal music is pretty good, too. But I still don’t own an Ipod.

26. I was the first board on my high school chess team. I was such a dork! 8-)P

27. I’m a good Scrabble player.

28. I’m feel amazing most everyday!

29. I don’t hold grudges. It’s a waste of brain space.

30. I like learning new things. I taught myself how to operate a giant construction backhoe by using the Internet. Then I rented one to work on my yard at home. That was fun! Stinky exhaust, though.

31. I like riding the trolley more than the bus.

32. I’ve been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to try so many things in my life,
including fatherhood. Many were self-inflicted. Others, like my traveling and languages were given to me. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything else. And I thank my family and my friends for keeping me in their lives and sharing their lives with me. I am blessed and grateful.

Long post. But I felt like putting myself out there.


singlemomseeking March 29, 2008 at 7:46 am

Oh, and Liz: here’s to Pink Grapefruit! That’s M’s favorite, too.


singlemomseeking March 29, 2008 at 7:43 am

I’m in awe of all of you! Not only am I learning about who you are… but listen to the poetry here. Mmmm, what a great way to wake up.

Amy: I hear you about going to Dan’s for some good grilling on charcoal.

Dan and Jim: Here’s to former engineering dads who wanted more fulfilling lives. Bravo.

VJ: Are you a modern artist yourself?

Andie: You know that I was simply tickled to hear from you! (This woman is an awesome publicist, folks!)

Jessica: I dare you to get yourself a first date skirt… you’ll be ready.

Judy: I’d love to see what you knit. I bow down to knitters.

Susan: Just so you know, through your blog, you come off as very focused, determined, and sometimes-sassy.


Ms Single Mama March 29, 2008 at 5:47 am

1. I hate my feet
2. I love my son’s feet even though they smell
3. I think I let him watch too much TV…and I don’t even have a TV!
4. I think a man gazing at my child and playing with him is better than sex
5. I have a minor crush on Handy Manny


Amy March 29, 2008 at 4:18 am

1. I LOVE The Monkees and have since I was 7 (even though I am only 34 and they were way before me) – and I have seen 3 of the four in concert several times.

2. I want an invite to Dan’s house for a cookout because he uses charcoal.

3. I won a scholarship when I graduated HS that sent me to Ireland by myself for a week.

4. I grew up in a religious cult – we didn’t drink kool-aid – but I think they would have.

5. If I do go on to get a PhD – I secretly consider it the “booby” prize for not having the life I really wanted.

6. Sometimes I tend to my herb garden after dark in the light of a full moon.


VJ March 28, 2008 at 11:00 pm

Well I’m always a sucker for these things.

1.) My wife never owned a ‘first date skirt’. In fact I’ve rarely seen her in a skirt since we’ve been married.

2.) We got married for about $500, party included. I think given inflation, anyone could still do it for well under 2K, 1,000 if really needed.

3.) I regularly resister people to vote. Almost everywhere I go. If you’re not party of the solution, you’re part of the problem! This country was founded on the basis of participatory democracy. It does not work without the input and passionate involvement of citizens who take the time to inform themselves about the vital issues of the day. There’s no reason for any sentient adult Not to vote. Really.

4.) Some days my day is not deemed a complete success until I’ve seriously PO’d an 80-90 yo. But my best audiences are almost always older ones. They can get jokes that the younger crowds would ponder over. There’s more wealth of references too.

5.) I listen to music that few folks consider ‘interesting’, Jazz, bluegrass, folk, and ancient records on early genres. I used to win tickets off the radio with my ability to guess who the players were on various recordings, Jazz & classical.

6.) I’m listening to a radio right now that’s older than most of your audience.

7.) I regularly get catalogs in the mail featuring WW1 memorabilia. Including Army carrier pigeon tubes & cages.

8.) I regularly go into antique shows & stores and wind up telling vendors far more about their ‘stuff’ than they ever knew or imagined. This happens all the damn time too.

9.) Ergo I’m really good at the Antique Roadshow sort of guessing.

10.) Success to a certain degree means that at a point in later life you live to discover good art to give to others or to admire for yourself. Then you realize the depths to which art has fallen in both the general esteem in this country, and in the natural ability for others to recognize good or decent art and the production of same. I avoid most of the serious ‘art markets’ and stick to the ‘craft shows’. Most of those folks still know from art. Even Knife makers know from good natural aesthetics. Why is this so hard for modern artists?

Don’t tell me, I think I know! Cheers & Good Luck! ‘VJ’


Andie March 28, 2008 at 2:07 pm

1. I have two cats named shakey (because she shakes) and Sasha. We call them che che and cha cha sometimes and it’s very annoying

2. I’m not afraid to pick up dead rats or live ones. even if they bite

3. They’ve bitten me twice

4. I love washing dishes, but the vacuum cleaner makes me feel very uncomfortable.


Jessica March 28, 2008 at 12:38 pm

1. I change Peoples Lives for a Living – By recruiting well qualified managers for Nursing Homes I help people find a rewarding job and better the quality of life of a community of Senior Citizens.

2. I was actually Agriculture major in college. I had aspirations of being a large animal Vet.

3. I also dont own a first date skirt – First date?? i’d be happy with finding some one I would even consider a first date with.

4. I am extreamly opinionated…oh wait it is supposed to be things you DONT know about me


judy March 28, 2008 at 10:33 am

I knit with avengence

I am not registered to vote

I advocate ferociously for those with different-abilities

I am half-way through my first novel (writing not reading)

I am a teacher (right now kinder special ed) but have taught other things even at the college level and with masters in counseling have been a counselor in state prisons as well as doing admin work along the way.

For those who want to teach because it is more fulfilling DON’T. Only teach if you are skilled at it..excel at it….can put your needs aside daily..have boundaries…not complain about your profession including salary…and remember you teach for them not for you.


Dan March 28, 2008 at 9:32 am

“Dadshouse – same as you, I was pullin’ down the big buck in the engineering field until I decided I wanted something more fulfilling (teaching, in my case). And magically, my wife became my ex!”

LOL – big fat ditto


Dan March 28, 2008 at 9:19 am

1. I can make speghetti! /breakfast club

2. I was a Psychology major – I usually don’t tell people because they automatically assume Clinical Psychology (my concentration was in social psych). Got tired of people always saying, “Oh, I bet your analyzing me!” or “My friend was a psych major…she was crazy as a loon.”.

3. I wish to be a teacher but know I couldn’t maintain my current standard of living on a teachers salary.

4. I loathe working for corporate.

5. I have no interest in watching sports or tinkering with cars – which gives me unending grief from my guy friends.

6. I have no desire to buy a gas grill – I’ll stick with charcoal – I mean if I’m cooking outside, I’m gonna want to cook with FIRE! Gas grills are just outside stoves.

7. I also do not own a first date skirt.


Susan March 28, 2008 at 9:11 am

1. I took 7 years of ballroom/latin dancing lessons with my ex. It was probably the only hobby we had as a couple, and we both really enjoyed it. We laughed so much and I will always have fond memories of it. (Yeah, I love watching Dancing with the Stars!)

2. I found out that I wanted to be a writer when I was 36. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it a reality (in terms of being able to do it as both my day AND night job).

3. I always thought I would be a terrific actress, but, with the exception of 2 musicals, was too shy to try out for any plays in school. I’m looking at community theater one day.

4. I love my kids dearly, but I do not miss them on the days they are with their father. Maybe it’s because I’m desperate sometimes for “me time,” maybe it’s because I’m secure in where they are. Maybe I’m a nut, who knows?!

5. I don’t test strongly in any one area on personality tests. Years ago in my job we had to do a “bird” test: were you an Eagle (assertive/leader), Owl (analytical), Dove (peacemaker) and Peacock (extrovert, “showy”)? I tested almost equally among Eagle, Owl and Dove. Not nearly as much as a Peacock.

For years i felt bad about not being able to categorize myself and to pinpoint who I was.

Now I see it as good.


JIm H. March 28, 2008 at 9:07 am

Our chickens were our oldest son’s pets…until he lost interest, 3 months later!

So they’re just…there. I feed ’em.

I also play guitar and sing, currently in an almost-ready-for-the-bar-scene rock band.

Dadshouse – same as you, I was pullin’ down the big buck in the engineering field until I decided I wanted something more fulfilling (teaching, in my case). And magically, my wife became my ex!


Leslie March 28, 2008 at 8:49 am

1) I’m a cake decorator for fun (and the occasional headache) but wish I could do it for a living…all problems can be fixed with frosting, and they don’t talk back.

2) I wish my kid didn’t inherit my messiness, but glad he’s got the creative make-something-out-of-anything gene.

3) Can go for hours without talking, and wish I could go for days haha I’m pretty quiet but I have a very loud laugh – too loud for the kid who tells me to stop 😛

PS I love crosswords too, but not sharing them, I want the glory of finishing 🙂


liz March 28, 2008 at 8:05 am

1. My first job out of college was doing classified counterintelligence work for the government. Very top secret, very hush hush.

2. Despite the thrills of that work, I think motherhood is far more rewarding. Especially single motherhood.

3. I wish the airports used to be wide open like they were before 9/11. Because I think people watching at airports is fascinating. But now you can’t do it unless you’ve bought a ticket.

4. I enjoy cooking but not using recipes. I’d rather just play in the kitchen and see what I can come up with on my own.

5. My favorite smell in the whole world is pink grapefruit. (I like to eat them, too!)


A Mama Here March 28, 2008 at 7:25 am

1. I love to laugh–and people who laugh easily.

2. I love listening to my daughter sing all day long. I love watching her play in her own little world. I just plain love her!

3. I love teaching special education. The challenge of trying to figure out how to motivate my students just keeps me going and going.

4. I love kickboxing and african dancing–they both make me feel ever so strong!

5. I love meeting new people and making new friends.


dadshouse March 28, 2008 at 7:19 am

1. I left a lucrative and successful engineer career to be a (starving artist) writer. (Wife wasn’t too happy about that one…er, ex-wife now)

2. I used to play bass and sing in a garage cover band.

3. My kids and I are working our way through the Road movies (Hope and Crosby) on DVD

As for coffee house conversation – I totally agree. Life is so tech focused. Which brings me to 4… I cycle or run almost every day, for exercise but also to get outdoors!


singlemomseeking March 28, 2008 at 7:09 am

Ah, Jim, welcome! Yes, I do “know” you from Ms. Single Mama. Thanks for stopping by. Wow, your farm sounds like a child’s fairytale. Amazing. Hey, if you don’t want the chickens… I imagine there’s a use for them. But are they your children’s pets?

You cracked me up re: the First Date Skirt. Good one.

Ana: Thanks for the freckle! It’s as if you and Doodle Bug carry around this magical, matching symbol. Beautiful.


ana.biosis March 28, 2008 at 6:18 am

I almost forgot…
5. Doodle bug and I have a freckle on the bottom of our foot. His left my right. It’s odd, because you have no pigmentation on the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands.


ana.biosis March 28, 2008 at 6:17 am

1. I read signs-all of them. It can be the same thing written everyday on the sign at the church i drive by, or the fertilizer store, I drive by, and I read it every-single-time.

2.I love being a nurse. I would much rather work in the throws of a hospital than in an office. But Big corporate would rather buy expensive suites and walk around to the nurses stations, asking what they could do to make our jobs better, while pretending to listen. I loved patients, and their sometimes bothersome families. But we really are overworked and understaffed, everywhere.

3. I don’t care about politics. I dont think my one vote counts. The last election 2004 was the first time I voted, and I voted for W. because I read somewhere that John Kerry was ok with partial birth abortions.

4. My dogs toes smell just like Fritos.


JIm H. March 28, 2008 at 5:42 am

1. I have a small farm with 2 Belgian draft horses, 2 ponies, 2 goats, a sheep, dogs and cats. And a couple of chickens which I never wanted. Thanks a lot, ex-wife!

2. I love baling hay.

3. I teach Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD). I have a love/hate relationship with my students, depending upon their mood. And man, are teenagers moody! Who’d a thunk it?

4. I love my kids with all my heart, but I hate being a single dad, which probably isn’t news (see mssinglemama’s site).

5. I don’t own a first date skirt.

– Jim H.


singlemomseeking March 27, 2008 at 8:03 pm

I love it Crazy Computer Dad! I would have guessed the crosswords and your excitement about your job (you seem kind of logical in your blog)… but reading in German was a surprise. And your son’s laugh. That got me good.


Crazy Computer Dad March 27, 2008 at 6:53 pm

1. I love tag teaming crosswords. Few things are more relaxing or satisfying than a big Saturday morning breakfast, kids watching cartoons or playing, and sitting down with someone I am very close with and doing a crossword together. I love puzzles of every kind.

2. I am only fluent in English, but I can read nearly anything in German, and I’m learning Spanish a little at a time.

3. I really love the work that I do. I am passionate and zealous about it. I am adamant that it has to fit in a 40 work week though. I will not let it consume me…even though it tries.

4. I went to my first live comedy show tonight, Adam Ferrara, and it was fantastic. I really needed a whole body belly laugh, and I got my fill and then some. If you get a chance you should catch his show.

5. I love to hear my son laugh.


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