What you don’t know about me

by singlemomseeking on March 27, 2008

rachel-zoo.JPG1. I sometimes wonder if we’re all a little autistic. Don’t you?

2. I’m fluent in Spanish. This week, I was proud of negotiating the purchase of two new tires for my car, in Spanish.

3. I love reading blogs, but not ones that scream ME-ME-ME. One a recent work date with the Biologist, we recalled that you used to go to a cafe and say “hello” to the human being next to you. Everyone in the coffee shop — including us — was behind laptops.* I wonder what has happened to relating? Do you?

3. My kid said to me this morning: “You have to work on your tone of voice with me.”

4. At this moment, I have to get back to editing Academic Vocabulary for a sixth-grade textbook.

5. I took my second-ever kickboxing class last night, thanks to a single mom friend who convinced me to join her. Our kids played together in childcare. I’m sore.

Your turn… What don’t I know about you?

Tell me. I want to learn more about you, my readers. I do.

*P.S. In order to be completely accurate, I’ll add that it was a single mom who made this observation re: the modern day lack of relating. The cafe was really crowded and this mom — whom I’d met once — said that we could share her table. Thanks!

Photo taken by M at the Central Park Zoo.

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