So what if Jamie Lynn Spears doesn’t get married?

by singlemomseeking on March 20, 2008

jamie-lynn-spears2.jpgToday, at Slate, advice columnist Emily Yoffe refers to “the archetypal unwed mother” as “a Jamie Lynn Spears—a dopey teenager who dropped her panties and got in over her head.”

Ouch. “Dopey teenager.” Does this writer know Jamie Lynn Spears? Has she met her? This woman knows how to belittle.

First off, Emily assumes to know exactly how Jamie Lynn got pregnant (and she might be right, but does she really know what happened?). Are you as offended as I am to hear her scold Jamie like this? There isn’t one, tiny reference to Casey-the-boyfriend, and what part he might have played in the panties-dropping.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for two-parent families. I didn’t grow up in one. I wouldn’t mind having one myself. I’m sure that Emily gets a lot of email from scared, needy, unsure, single pregnant women. But why does she assume that “out-of-wedlocks births are a national catastrophe”?

“Dear Prudence” does not suggest that pregnant women should “marry the jerks whom they had drunken procreative sex with and hope never to see again. Nor do I recommend entering into a union with a clearly unstable, unsuitable partner. ”

Yet, Emily does side with the technician in Juno who made “disparaging remarks about children born” to single mothers. She ends her essay by asking: “Why is it verboten to express the truth that growing up with a lonely, overwhelmed mother and a missing father is a recipe for childhood pain?”

Single moms, speak up. This writer needs to hear that our families are not a “national catastrophe.”

How dare she scold us like this. She must know that every mother, married or not, has moments of being lonely and overwhelmed. Don’t you agree?

P.S. If you haven’t read Ms. Single Mama today, there’s quite discussion about whether children of single parents are worse off.
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