Hollywood, here you come?

by singlemomseeking on March 19, 2008


Storked’s post this morning at Glamour“America’s Next Top… Baby?” — could not have appeared at a more appropriate time. A few days ago, photo team showed up at our door: the unstoppable Thayer, her assistant, two stylists, and a make-up artist.

They were here to shoot for a forthcoming piece I wrote for Jewish Living, and this was a first for us. I’m used to being behind-the-scenes, at my computer with a cup of coffee. They paraded around here, very sweet and warm, for five hours. M blew me away with her cooperativeness. (Would she ever let me straighten her collar like that? No!)

But M has had already had a stint in the modeling world. Sort of. When M was three, I sent a few snapshots to a modeling agency another mother had recommended. The agency called me two days later: “We want to meet your daughter!” (M went in for an “interview,” behind closed doors with the female boss, as her Mom sat outside. What was said?)

What I didn’t know was: the agency calls you the night before about the modeling “go see.” It’s a mad scramble. I had to put work on hold and take M out of preschool, then drive her an hour+ to the shoot. Often, she was asleep by the time we got there. There were hordes of gorgeous toddlers in the lobby, waiting to try on the same outfit. It was a true test of my stress limit.

During our few months on various sets, I never met another single mom (they were all stay-at-home moms). Moreover, what I mostly heard from little M was: “I wanna go home!”

That did it.

Chrissy from Storked writes that her agent friend told her, “It’s A LOT of work oh your end, schlepping him to castings, all for $125 an hour.”The law says that your child can work only three hours at a time. (Yes, I did feel very strange getting a work permit for my three-year-old!) Still, I know parents who have paid for their kids’ college thanks to modeling.

Do tell: have you been tempted to have your kids model? Have you taken the plunge? How far would you go to put your kids in the spotlight? What if you could save up for your children’s future?

Photo shoot set up by Thayer and her team. (How do you like that Martha Stewart collar?)

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