Do you own a first date skirt?

by singlemomseeking on March 26, 2008

skirt.jpgThis week, at Single Minded Women, I say that “every single mom needs a first date skirt.”

But I can’t take credit for this advice. It was my single mom friend, Arden, who gave me this tip very early on, when I was terrified to go on one of my first dates as a single mom, and didn’t know how I’d ever afford new, glamorous dating outfits.

Every girl must have a first date skirt,” she said.

The brilliancy is: you don’t have to spend money on a new outfit for every first date… and this guy has never met you before, right? He doesn’t know that you wore this skirt last Friday and the Friday before.

My first date skirt is knee-length, sequined, and turquoise — a birthday gift from one of my best girlfriends in New York City. But it’s now so frayed that I should retire it!

To me, a first date outfit is absolutely comfortable, flattering, and something you feel good in. On my first date with the Biologist, however, I wore a white dress and this huge headband over my forehead because I’d slipped off M’s bed the wrong way that morning and had a Frankenstein scratch down the middle of my noggin.

I told him all about it, and his empathy touched me just right. He said something to the effect of getting so used to seeing me with the headband, it would seem strange to actually see my forehead the next time. I laughed.

Tell me: Do you have a first-date outfit?

Jeans? A sexy dress? A sweater and chinos?

If you haven’t gone on a “first date” as a single mom, what do you think you might wear?

And single dads: Do you have a first-date outfit? Do tell!

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